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I want to visit guyana...
Since end of 2007 a considerable increase of the already widespread criminal activity of violence was to be observed in the whole country. Above all in Georgetown, along "Eastcoast of Demerara", in the neighborhood of Buxton, Friendship and Annandale as well as on the distance between Timehri and lime-trees one should act with caution.

In January and February, 2008 there have been in Guyana several murder attempts with which more than 20 people have died under it three policemen as well as unconcerned civilians., Among the rest, the incidents took place in the places Buxton (East Coast Demerara), Lusignan (East Coast Demerara), Bartica (Essequibo River) and in the capital of Georgetown. Although there were in the meantime no other such incidents and the supposed culprits at that time have been caught, other posters cannot be excluded.

Single travellers should be especially careful. As far as possible only high streets, but not side streets should be used. Hold the doors and windows of your car closed, avoid as far as possible filling station visits after burglary of the darkness, because it came in the second half-year in 2008 with this opportunity for occasional raids. Take no hitchhikers.

Particularly in bigger gatherings of people like markets, coach railway stations, bars, etc. valuables should not be carried along like jewellery at all and cash only in the absolutely required extent. Make sure that nobody follows you, after you have removed cash from a bank.

To care will get with walks in a little animated quarters or parks of bigger towns and settlements. After burglary of the darkness one should not be on the move basically any more. During the trip you should not let out of sight your luggage. It is advised, important documents (flight light to take passport) only in photocopy and to deposit the originals in the hotel safe.
I know.... Guyana has gotten really dangerous.

I'm curious as to what factors have caused this. The drug trade? Racial tensions? The policies of the long incumbent socialist government? Poverty and lack of jobs?
Guyana however is one of the leading countries in the world for environmental conservation.
Guyana is furthermore one of the poorest South America, although the economy has developed during the past years positively. After in 2005 on account of heavy floods a negative growth had been registered, a respectable growth from about 5% could be reached since that time. Not least high raw material prices, above all for bauxite and gold, as well as an increase of foreign direct investments were decisively for it.
The high inflation as well as the still high indebtedness of the country are problematic.
The climate is tropical with rainfall of up to 3,000 mm per year, annual mean temperatures in 27 C, maximum temperatures around 34 C, minimum temperatures around 20 C, humidity 73-88%. There are two rainy seasons: greatly from April to August, weaker September to November, more strongly by the end of January. Then dry and April start.

According to climate experts from the World Bank, Guyana is among the countries in South America-Caribbean region, which will be a rise in sea level due to climate change particularly affected. A sea level rise of 1 m would inundate an area in Guyana, in which 70% of the population and 40% of the agricultural area of the country
In the area of town there is a well-functioning small-bus-line system. Is held where you want to get on the track. (min-Small $ 100 for about 80 lines about 15) Similarly, one gets a bus just to ride. There are a few Hup signals, for example "If you want to?", perhaps they are me again. On departure (top line) is also a route change to be negotiated, provided that the driver comes back to its scheduled route. For other destinations can also be hired once the whole bus. Ca 8000-12000 $ a day.

Comfortable are the taxis. With exotic routes necessarily before the suitability of the vehicle after asking to be often there must be a four-wheel vehicle. Otherwise the roadside the next passing wave and ask the fare to the destination. A "Taxi Office"is not in the vicinity of the hotels and restaurants are always some.

Within the cities it is also very good on foot. Bicycles can also be found abundantly, but not recommended for tourists because of the temperatures.
I want to visit guyana too..
Please report how it is there. We know what it's there. Good trip.
its a beautiful place you will enjoy their
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