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Animal Blessing

Well I found it pretty neat to find out that a local church was doing something different called "Animal Blessings" one Sunday and I learned a little more about it. What they did was took a bunch of fold out chairs to their parking lot and set them up like they would for a normal service and had an alter for the pastor to speak at in the front. They invited everyone to bring there animals scaling from small mice to large horses to come and be blessed. This was also another way to try to get others to come to a church service and see what things were like in that church. They did a small service and then started to bless each animal. During some of the time everyone got to walk around and meet each other and allow the pets to do the same. Here is a good picture of our Great Dane being blessed by the pastor.

Here is another picture that I just found of when they got to walk around and meet other people/pets and here is our Great Dane greeting another Great Dane about the same size. They started to play and become instant friends. Its not often that you get to see something like that. Kind of makes me think of a Godzilla movie or something!

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