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outlook express problem- account doesn't work

I am using windows xp 2007. I setup an account on outlook express of my gmail account but when i tried to send message it says it cannot find host and my internet connection gets disconnected. I have no idea what's going on. If there's any solution please help.
I would take hello if it does not go with outlook express Mozilla Thunderbird. I find it also much better. Download under:
I would test it with "Windows Live Mail.

"Windows Live Mail" is the successor to Outlook Express and serves as the default mail client under Windows 7

"Windows Live Mail" is almost a mandatory program for all users of Windows 7, because in the Vista successor, not a mail program like Outlook Express is more contained. But XP and Vista users can use Microsoft's probably the best email client ever without problems.

The freeware blocks of advertising messages, viruses, and fraudulent phishing e-mails automatically and additionally offers a calendar that keeps you informed about your schedule up to date. Visually, the software reminds the user interface of Outlook with a great preview function on the right side.

You can look at any mail protocols integrated into the program and offline. POP3 and IMAP accounts as well as messages from AOL, Gmail or other web based accounts.

With the "Windows Live Mail can also RSS feeds, newsgroups and manage contact addresses. At the same time, you get access to the online calendar of MSN, the blog feature of Windows Live Spaces "and" Windows Live Messenger.

Conclusion: The successor to Outlook Express and Windows Mail has all the features of a modern mail program. Alternatively, we recommend Mozilla Thunderbird, which also is free to download.
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