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Stargate Universe ( SG - U )

Anyone watched new stargate series SG-U ? I watched first 2 episodes and so far it looks good. It reminds Battlestar galactica a bit.

I watched it too, and I definitely see why you're reminded of BG. For one, SGU is so far, a lot darker than previous SG's, and you can tell they're willing to go for that vibe in a good way. I'm hopeful for the show and I know that I'll be watching every episode with my usual obsessive attention to detail. One thing I know for sure, I want more Lou Diamond Phillips! He's just so good! Smile
I heard they are going to focus more on characters than story just like BG. But I prefer the original stargate way. Well I can't wait for the 3rd episode.
Thanks for making this topic. I just realised a few months have passed since I watched the last episode (sadly) of Stargate Atlantis.

I was very negative about the cancel of SGA and SG1, and even mad. Why would they cancel it? =( They were both awesome shows, but they had to make room.

I'm gonna look at SGU this weekend. I hope it can at least tip the epicness of SG1 or even SGA, but my expectations aren't so great. I'll see!
Canceling SG 1 and Stargate Atlantic series sux. I think reason for canceling SG1 series is fan started getting bored with last story, they were dragging it. But Atlantis was good reason for canceling that is they are going to make a movie for that series or that's what I heard. May be they will start both series again later.
The actors/cast/scenario writers were really sad aswell to quit. But the decision came from financial issues (?) from MGM? I'm not sure, I think ive read this a long time ago in the net, I might be wrong.

I think SG1 and SGA simply didn't make enough money anymore? Or had to make room for a more 'open public' => SGU.
Probably popularity was decreasing. SG1 long story line was not good as their old method, something new in every episode.

Stargate Universe episode 3 was not so promising I'm kind of disappointed. But I guess its still too new to judge how it will be.
Watched the first 2 parts of 'Air'. I don't know? Are they like seperate episodes? I am very dissapointed with the show. I know there are alot of haters on forums around the web, like on, who say the show is a failure.

It's still early, but for the first time that I was watching a Stargate episode I was bored. SGA entertained me alot. I started watching from when the first episodes started to air, and I always watched it immediately after it aired the next ones. From SG1 I have watched the first 2 seasons, they were, in my opinion, not so good as SGA, but I've enjoyed it alot. I also find the fact - going through a stargate -> base has no air/power/whatever -> stranded - getting repitive. They should have used another start, I think. What I did enjoy, is that they used actors from SG1/SGA in the first episode. But now that they are stranded, do we have to expect more of these 'guest actors'? Maybe it was just to give the show a good start.

SGU can simply not compete with those 2. I'll still watch them and see how it goes.
Well at least in my opinion, it seems like in the storyline they just took stargate Atlantis and did a flop. Instead of having a full crew with equipment in a nice environment they just did the opposite for this one which doesn't seem like a very original idea. Overall I'll watch it just on the basis of something to watch but it seems like they are trying to rip off the style of shows like the new battlestar galactica just to get more viewers.
I always liked Stargate, until now I'm enjoying these new serie, SG-U, although it's nothing extraordinary, but as I'm a science fiction aficionado... Razz
Let's see how it develops Smile
I Love SGA, and SG1 and the original movie as well Stargate.

I actually started out with few episodes of stargate atlantis, and then saw stargate SG1, and it was awesome and addictive.
I am disappointed that they stopped the shows. I loved most of the characters there, and yes, although it dragged for a bit, a lot of episodes put you on edge.

I saw the first 5 episodes of Stagate Universe, and although they don't compare to sg1 and sga, I guess we will have to live with it.

I do agree with dude_xyx that some of the dramatics have been taken off from battlestar gallactica.
I like battlestar gallactica, but not as much as the original series, and this one they just prolong it.

I hope they make SGU more interesting. Cool
The last Stargate hasn't been on air for a whole year now in Australia (or was that 2 years?). Both my dad and i enjoy the shows so i hope SG-U won't be a let down.

Daniel Jackson is awesome and so is O'Neill. I just had to say that.
I read an article recently that dealt with how sexist this version seems to be, and while I don't really care, I do have to agree. What do you guys think?
There's a new Stargate Series?!?! This is awesome!!! I'm just leaving Japan now so hopefully I can catch up when I'm back home. This sounds incredible!!
I don't really care about the new stargate series, its ok, but nothing special in my eyes.


Sad to say it, but i have watched several eps. and they are exactly as i thought they would be, that is, not special. I had hoped that it would be good, but it turned out to be another battle star galitica
I saw the first 5 episodes of SGU, and its ok, but nowhere near as good as SGA and SG-1.
SGU has some level of intelligence factor, but so many quirks in how they do things.
Its also slow, and not as exciting as the SGA and SG-1.

But I hope they change some fo the characters and make it better. Its got potential.
Okay, we now have seen 9 episodes so far and I am still waiting for something to actually happen.

This SGU is more some kind of a soap than a real Stargate series. Where are the enemies? Where is the action?

The only action we have seen so far is the Time travel episode and the Lottery one. How many times was a gun used in this series? The serie started because a base was attacked by enemies. Thats a real Stargate episode. An attack, some action. The rest of the episodes in this series are drama. They should get of the ship and start exploring.

Some people could like this and completely disagree with me, but I think most of the Sci-Fi fans will agree with me.

I still watch every episode of the show and I am hoping it gets better.
Last aired episode is S1E09: 'Life'. It was voted 5.7 on All SGA episodes had at least 8.5.
Next episode is 'Justice'. It will be aired december 4th.

Episode synopsis
When one of the crew becomes the prime suspect in a crime, the others must determine the individiuals guilt.
I am really enjoying SGU. I admit that I was skeptical about it at first, because it wasn't what I was used to with SG1 and SGA. It turned out that it was the difference that really made me like this show.

The show is dark, depressing at times (in a good way), and in some ways rather realistic. I can see people acting in a similar way if they were stuck in this situation.

It was mentioned above that there is no "enemy" or bad guy. Not exactly true. The enemy is the "unknown". Every episode seems to be about surviving, whether physical or mental. There is a true sense of exploration and wonder about where they are at. Planets truly seem to be alien in nature.

The only thing I really don't care for is the Ancient communication device. I see it as a "crutch" to have some type of connection to Earth. I think it would have been much better to not have that connection at all. In Star Trek Voyager, Starfleet assumed that Voyager had been lost. True, later on they found a way to contact Earth and stay in contact. With this crutch, however, I can see members wanting to go back to Earth for "shore leave" or whatever. It just seems like the writers will rely on it too much, but we'll see.

Other than that, the episodes have been great. "Time" has been my favorite episode so far. It reminded me of Aliens.
But Starrfoxx, the problem is, we're used to seeing physical enemies. Sci-fi only has to be about stuff that can't happen yet, but may with the right technology, but the genre that most sci-fi fans are used to involves more guns and ammo, and less crying and sex. :/ Like others have said, the series isn't bad, per se, but it's certainly not what we hoped for.
I wish there was some kind of real enemy. All episodes so far all about people in the ship and about their connections in earth. Not much action. I know there will be few better episodes in future like one about a spy among them but these all about earth and crew. Though I watch every Stargate U episode as a stargate fan I don't think this show gonna rated same as SG-1 or Atlantis.
I am a big fan of stargate. All the series who have been in Holland I have seen. My dad always watched Stargate so I had to watch stargate and never stopped watching Stargate after. Cool
How do you guys feel about the character Rush? If you saw the end of the episode Justice, you'll understand why I ask. Personally, he's my favorite character, even more than Colonel Telford, whom I love even though he's a minor character and keep hoping will get a bigger part. Rush is just so manipulative and obviously out for himself, I absolutely love that in a character.
To say the least, I hated Rush.


I was begging that he would get killed (which I pretty much knew he would, because the douche always get killed in anything on SyFy). I'm glad he was...
Enterprise wrote:
How do you guys feel about the character Rush? If you saw the end of the episode Justice, you'll understand why I ask. Personally, he's my favorite character, even more than Colonel Telford, whom I love even though he's a minor character and keep hoping will get a bigger part. Rush is just so manipulative and obviously out for himself, I absolutely love that in a character.


As seen in the last aired episode 'Justice' it seems the end of Rush. However, trust me that it will not be the ending. I don't remember the sources, but I read on some really trusted website some interview about him returning with some cool new stuff. I think we might finally encounter our first real 'enemy'. It has something to do with the alien ship they found on that planet. Wink I hope it will come very soon in one of the next episode. No air dates are announced yet on Rush kinda plays some kind of 'Mckay role' here. I don't think they'll get him killed very soon anyways, and the interview only confirmed it.

I didn't want to think that it'd really be the end for him, I'm really excited that it isn't! I wonder what the new aliens will be like, they seem to have a good enough budget, they could do just about anything and have it look really cool. Think they'll be the ones to save Rush? Either way, I'm looking forward to it. =)
They won't end main character like Rush this early. Probbly he will come back. Now he reminds me the BattleStar Galactica series.
In some ways, I wonder if Rush would become the enemy. He's got plenty of reason to be upset after what has happened, and it certainly would put an interesting twist on the series.

Like what was stated above, this show does remind me of Battlestar. Since BG was so popular, I feel that the show really inspired the writers to take a similar route on the story. That's why I wouldn't be surprised to see "good guys" gone bad.
In a way, I don't really want Rush to be an enemy. In many ways, it's more interesting if you're never quite sure about a character. And it's always easier to create drama from the inside. I think if he ever really does become a "bad guy" then that'll also be the end of his character, because he just wouldn't be nearly as fun at that point.
This is very true. I do like the fact that he's a mystery at this point. You're never quite sure which side Rush is on, and actually I think he's only on "his own side". It'll be interesting to see how this conflicts with everyone else. I don't see Rush as bad, but I can see that his "good intentions" will turn out with negative results.
I recently saw the season finale of SG-U and it got a whole lot interesting.
I'm sure you'll will enjoy it.
I think Carl Binder and Paul Malozzi and rest of the stargate writers / team have finally gotten into SGU now, and its gotten better, with the Lutian Alliance also brought into the picture.

I hope season 2 will be a whole lot better.

Yep, Rush is sometimes bad and sometimes good, but so is Everett, though most times he is good.
Just saw the season finale. Not bad, but did not have the wow effect like SGA/SG1. I guess I'm just more used to some more action.
I think next season going to be more interesting. Now it has more action that it used to be at beginning.
The Lucian (or Lutian) Alliance is now also involved in SGU, which should be more interesting, but I do hope they'll make it better from Season 2 onwards.
SG-1 was ok in the beginning, but I really started liking it from season 3 onwards, or end of season 2.
But Stargate Atlantis was awesome from beginning itself. Too bad it ended.

I hope they merge them somehow.

I like Lt. Cl. Shephard and Ronen Dex characters, and I founf Dr. Mckay hillarious.

In SGU, the wiz kid is ok, but no one is really that hillarious or that funny.

The marine. I think Lt. James, who is the lady is eye candy only.
I agree.

SG-U is way too serious than SG-1 or Atlantis. I like Star Gate Atlantis too also SG-1 when they had a different story in each Episode.

Like you said I hope things will be more interesting with all the new characters. Also there will be more alien encounters too. (more often)
Well they are going to cancel the Stargate Universe series. Sux ! Well it was pretty boring in first season but in second season I think things were getting better. Space battles , Aliens and all hot stuff.
They already canceled it actually before christmas, the crew is already disbanded and the sets are started to taken apart, but lots of fans still hoping because few of the main crew started to talk about "other possibilities".
I have started liking the show. I mean first season was not something SG1 or Atlantis fans had expected no Aliens or battles. But Their second season is kick ass !
I watch this from time to time when nothing else is on that sparks my interest, it a good show. Exclamation
Its sad that most likely the stargate franchise will be dead for a while now...
Anyone watched the episode 14 ? I don't think a show can get any better. I think SG-U slow has become the best among 3 SG series. A slow starter and it was pretty boring like first 10 episodes of first season but not anymore.

I'm really hope some other network will take the show and keep it going.
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