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question about divs

How do I make a new page open inside a div without using inline frames?
I don't know good solution for all browsers but you can use object tag for data. In FF, IE6 and I think other browsers is working correct, but in IE7 (I didn't test IE8) displaying ugly border what you cannot remove with css or some other methods. Even more this is preety old html command and maybe is out of date. I think iframe is better solution.

If this page is your html then maybe is better ajax solution to include this page but without head and body tags. The other solution is insert iframe in some div.

Use php. If you don't know php I suggest you learn it.
Well php would work very well for what you are talking about if you dont want to use Iframes. When using PHP you only have to add a small line of code which is pretty much like adding an Iframe. It will pretty much be a url to direct the section you ruled off to load a page that will be a separate PHP file. Now to add anything you will only need to edit that single PHP file that you directed the main page to. Once you made any changes on that, upload it to your web server and it will be changed. This is a good way to do websites with certain parts of a page that shows up on every page no matter where it is, such as ads or links. If you get more into web design and start using CMS then you will notice that is pretty much how they all run. They will have the page split into different PHP files that all come together with a main file that pulls them together and tells them where to go and how to show up and you get a complete website for your viewers.
Don't know if this would be good for what you're trying to do, but having a javascript Spry framework might be good. Dreamweaver CS3 and 4 have it built in if you're not sure on how to do it. This would be good if you want to show different content at different times depending on the user's actions without making an extra http request.
Thanks for the ideas.

I think I'll just learn the proper use of div tags and how they work with Dreamweaver's CSS tools. Very Happy
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