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Survival Seed Bank

If you see or hear a comercial for be sure and do some due diligence before ordering from them. They want ~$160 total for maybe $40 worth of seeds.

Having seed is a great idea and will store for a long long time if you vacuum pack them and store in a fridge.

Be aware that hybrid seed may produce unfertile plants or plants that may not reproduce accurately.

Here's a company that has a pretty cool downloadable seed catalog of heirloom type stuff.

I mainly wanted to inform folks about this Survival Seed Bank scam that is being advertised a lot on the radio. But, how do you feel about maintaining your own seed collection?

I have a plastic shoebox that I store them in. I usually put them in a baggie and write on it what it is and when it was collected. I haven't setup a survival bank. But, I do think it's an easy good idea. I'll have to do some thinking about what to include in a seed bank. I think protein is the biggest and hardest thing to plan for.

What growing zone are you in, and what would you include in a survival seed bank?
Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Own Food Supply?
Could you and your family get off the grid and survive in a panic? Do you have enough seeds to plant a survival garden and feed your family? Do you have the right kind of seeds to plant? If you抮e answering no to these questions, you need to stop wherever you are and ask yourself?揥hat would I do if the grocery stores closed?? The answer sadly is that you抎 probably go hungry.

Here抯 What You Should Do Right Now?/font>
First, you need to have the peace of mind knowing that if things were to get scary, that you and your family could still eat. Listen: having enough non-hybrid seeds to plant an acre or two could be the difference between life and death. With our new ?strong>Survival Seed Bank,?growing your own survival food becomes easy. Remember, our hand-picked seeds are not genetically modified in any way. You simply save some of your harvest seeds from year one and have more than enough to plant in year two. You抣l never need to buy seeds again! You just can抰 do that with man-made hybrid seeds.

It抯 been very difficult to acquire high quality, open pollinated seeds lately. We抳e had a lot of our Food Storage Secrets?customers asking for a good source and we finally have seeds we feel comfortable offering folks whose lives may depend on exceptional germination rates.
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