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XP won't boot -- keeps on disk checking

I left my computer on overnight recently. In the morning I turned it off at the computer powerswitch. When I next turned it on it went into checkdisk mode after a minute or so, as expected (:C, Fat32). After completing this it rebooted and then asked which mode I wanted to start it in. I selected normal but after going to the XP logo startup page it soon went into checkdisk mode again. I ignored this and it rebooted again. This time I selected safe mode but it just showed a page of data (multidisk/rdisk/partition1/Windows/System32/Drivers....) and froze. I tried last good session option but it still keeps checkdisking.
How can I get it out of this vicious cycle. I do not have a windows cd.
Hmmm, try one or two times more to go in safe mode and then System Restore. Did you have updated antivirus software?

I've already tried the safe mode a few times, as well as the other two safe mode options (networking & command prompt). They all bring up the frozen page of multidisk lines. In fact, every option I try on the safe mode page results in the check disk recycling or the frozen page.
I run Avast! Antivirus which updates daily.
I am not good in computer reparation. Try to search for "boot xp without CD". Maybe you can find solution for downloading boot CD from Microsoft. Avast is OK, I think then this is not virus. Question

This might be your hard disk going bad. Hopefully you already have a good backup, if not this will be a lesson you won't forget. Let windows checkdisk. If this works then you might be back in business. Otherwise it might not be completely dead yet, so you could try to recover as much as possible. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest for you might be to pop in a Ubuntu CD, boot with that and copy everything over to an external hard drive (or a few thumb drives). If you have an extra internal drive that would fit the contents of your old drive, you could TRY copying everything over, taking out the first bad drive, and preforming a repair installation of XP. You would need an official XP disk, borrow one from a friend any one will do. Boot into it, hit I then say yes to the repair installation. It will take a while, but it should work.
Goto safemode press f8 then safemode. if it not work used your windos xp cd and repair/restore it.
do you abort the checkdisk? if so, let it finish and see what happens.
Without a windows CD it is not possible to repair that error by yourself.
The PC is freezing. YOu aint have any Recovery CD or else...

If you can check and log you pc over f8 there maybe is the possibility to "log" the startup of windows.
if you can get an "Knoppix" CD in linux, you can boot your pc and look in the logfile,
what was going wrong while booting.

With a bootable Version of Windows Xp to could even maybe recover the installation by overwriting it... or you can try to make with another PC something like a startable and legal bootdisk with the XP System with sth. like "Barts PE" to check the error.

But i would try to get a cheap version of Xp over ebay in legal. With any bootable Windows XP CD (even if it is normally not running with your PC Type) you can establish with a self-bakable "NLITE"-Version thats it is legally running.
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