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Change of name - Frihost Freak

Steve, I'm not the exception here, but reaching 5000 postings has been a personal milestone for me. The real bad part of it though, and this being more of a punishment than a reward, is the name "Frihost Freak"! Obviously the smooth operation of Frihost comes first, but is there anything you can do in the short-term to change the name "Frihost Freak"? Such as leaving the name blank or replacing it with a name of your choice until you have more time to go for the detailed combos with the names and new artwork? This will really be appreciated, many thanks.
Ghost Rider103
Are we on the same forum here?

As I've said many times, the design part of the ranks are entirely finished. So I'm pretty sure when Bondings gets the time to change the ranks on the forums at all, he will upload the new ranks. As it would take the same amount of time to upload the new ranks as it would to make a blank rank.

However, Bondings has not been online, or at least hasn't posted for the past few weeks. Which means he hasn't been on or has had the time to read my email yet, which includes the new rank designs. I'm sure once he reads it, he will get to it as soon as he can. Though as far as I'm concerned, he has no idea the ranks have been decided and the design is done.

Just give it some time, he'll eventually get around to it. Everything is done, we just have to wait for Bondings to get the time to upload the changes.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
However, Bondings has not been online, or at least hasn't posted for the past few weeks.
Logically I would not have posted this if I had not known that Bondings had been online. Check the thread below this one! d'oh!
Besides that there already is a topic about this, so it would've been closed anyway.
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