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Anybody heard of the web host?

Have you heard of Or even have an account there?
Yes, I have heard of
 10%  [ 1 ]
No, I haven't heard of
 80%  [ 8 ]
I've heard of it, I even have an account there.
 10%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 10

Hey I was wondering, how may people have heard of web host community? For those of you who haven't, I don't recommend it in comparison to Frihost. was my free webhost provider before Frihost, I can say this much: "Frihost really puts to shame". With, I still got cPanel and Fantastico, but the control is extremely limited (I have screenshotst at the bottom). I only got 150MB web space (compared to Frihost's 250MB), 5GB bandwidth (compared to Frihost's 10GB), a measly 3 SQL databases (compared to Frihost's generous unlimited # of SQL's) and worst of all, it's fobidden to host forums on my account there, but not here.Very Happy Not to mention, their support team didn't seem very friendly. Unlike here, Bondings has to be the nicest support guy I've ever known! And did I mention, You can't even change your passwords/subdomain yourself there (well, subdomains need to be requested for change here, but that's ok.Smile) and NO "" subdomains there.
So, that's my summary of vs. (the best).Very Happy
So, who else here has heard of

(Screen Shots below) cPanel. Fantastico.
I have not heard of it...

Obviously, Frihost is better though Very Happy
Ya compared to frihost, Moved is nothing. But I never heard of moved until today. I wouldn't even proberly even use it if I heard of it.
judging by the way you contrast the two hosts, obviously frihost is better. i Think those hosts are only suitable for beginners. Laughing
seanooi wrote:
judging by the way you contrast the two hosts, obviously frihost is better. i Think those hosts are only suitable for beginners. Laughing

I completely agree with you. However, what's funny about is it's kinda like Gmail, invitation only, and it's amusing how when inviting someone they warn you saying "You are responsible for who you invite. ...(something about not knowing whether the invitee is a beginner or expert).. We recommend suggesting something like freewebs to them as a beginner shouldn't start off with advanced features like ours.." With all the restrictions and everything, it's like whenever you ..ahem.. take a crap.. They want to know what colour, size and shape it is. Yup, that's pretty advanced. Rolling Eyes Talk about breathing down your neck. Shocked
I know! I have an account there but I'm not using it because there are only limited things you can do in the CPANEL and worst is, there's no Nucleus in the Fantastico. My friend recommended me here in Frihost because this site is definitely a WOW! Smile
i know this free hosting service...its very limited....definitely...

d'oh! Shame on you
FriHost is wayyyy better..
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