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About the Linksys WRT120N router...

Hi all,
I post this just to aware you about a problem with a Linksys router.
I thought that maybe only I have this problem but I saw on Linksys forum that more people have the same issue (and they are from all over the world).
Because the router is new model and it's N (instead of G) you may think to buy one...
Before of that please read that topic about the disconnecting issue and consider it.

I just bought a WRT120N and at different times it will randomly restart and disconnect all the computer on my network I have 4 wired devices and 4 Wireless devices. Has anyone else had similar problems or any suggestions to fix the problem.

Well I don't need to reboot mine, it just randomly does it by itself and once it comes back up it does fine but sometimes it will reboot 6 times in 30 minutes and other times it will work for hours without rebooting
not only this model, almost all cheap linksys router after cisco take over will have all kind of problems. and the firmware to fix it will only come out after months or years.

so, if you are die hard linksys fan, just get the old model and flash it with latest firmware or 3rd party firmware.

otherwise, go for other brand. there are conspiracy theories out there saying they purposely produce cheap routers with many problems. you don't really believe company like cisco will have problem manufacturing cheap internet sharing routers like this, when they have ten of thousands real routers that keep the Internet running. the only explanation maybe to slowly kill linksys brand.
update about WRT120N model:

I updated the firmware and I didn't get restarts. AT ALL
. I am surprised, really.

Anyway, I guess that maybe this equipment is too "home use": my speedtest is going fine with my cable plugged directly to my laptop (31,10 Mb/s download), when I drive the signal through the router, the values drop (10.80 Mb/s).

If this may be important:
I did the tests on 9/28/2009,
I used the Zurich server from,
the time was 8:13PM (direct cable) and 8:32PM (through the router).

I did 3 tests in that day, 3 different servers (Zurich, Paris, Prague).
Paris values: directly; 22.38 Mb/s; through the router: 6.19Mb/s
Prague values: directly; 3.84 Mb/s; through the router: 3.16Mb/s

Why the speed over the router is dropping? This equipment have hardware limitations?
if the answer to your question is "yes", you should start asking "why?".
I know that i might be lost about this topic but im new at this forum and i want to know something, I just bought a linksys router wrt120n and i orderd a datacard to connect my laptop to the 3g network and i want to use my router as an access point, but i dont know at all how to do that..... Any help will be appreaciated,

I was about to purchase this router and then i read this review:


"Since the WRT120N can support only single-stream 802.11n, its maximum link (raw data rate) is limited to 150 Mbps--a fact that Cisco mentions nowhere in the product's web page, downloadable spec sheet or even its User Manual for the product."

and you don't save too much

"A Pricegrabber check showed the current lowest price for the WRT120N as $59.99 from NewEgg and A check of Cisco's next-step up, dual-stream, Draft 11n certified Linksys WRT160N showed multiple vendors selling new product at $80 and refurb product for $39.99. So, depending on your willingness to buy refurb, you actually lose money by buying the WRT120N, or save about $20. And if you shop carefully, you can find other, older certified draft 11n routers for less than or about the same as the WRT120N."
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