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I was looking inside this forum, and i could not find a FRINGE topic.

does any one like this show?
if you are an x file fan.
you will love this show. i know it does NOT involve aliens
but the cases are just awesome
I like fringe - its good and interesting.
But not like how x files ever made you feel, for wanting a lot more.

Fringe has more interesting characters, though.
true what you said about the x files, but come on, you cant expect fringe to tgive you the same thing.

x files lasted what? 10 years?
I think Fringe is an awesome show with a great storyline and action. I really like the Observers, though they sort of remind me of the Time Lords of yore from Doctor Who.

The characters are pretty cool too. I like the mad doctor Walter Bishop the most of all of them, and am looking forward to seeing more about his past revealed.

I love X-Files, but as a series it fell apart, regurgitating its own cliches season after season. When they replaced Mulder with the evil Terminator from T2, I lost interest entirely.
I have tried to watch this show, unfortunately i cannot for some reason it just does not interest me.....
This show was pretty good. I think I just stopped watching it after the first 8-9 episodes. How was the rest of the series, worth finishing?
hell yeah..
but i have to say the season two in chapeter like 6-7 is just getting nowhere with the main story

however very good show
I'm a great fan of fringe, not so much of the x-files...
Although i wish the story developed a litlle bit quicker...
well. not really. but you'll end up wanting to see more... Razz
Fringe I follow regularly, including just now, I watched the episode 21 of season two.
For all we've seen so far, my view is leading me to believe that even having a central plot, the main thing in it are the characters. For even beyond pyrokinesis, neuroscience, parallel universes, astral projection, mutation, genetic engineering, the series is mainly the reasons that led each character to each of these "crazy" interventions, and also emotionally to take the consequences caused by them.
Sorry friend i have no idea abut Fringe. Very Happy But Fringe is American series i know. I want to know this series is based on which types of story?????

like a family problem, action, fun.........
i left off on Episode 17 i think of season 2. its getting way boring
I love both "Fringe" and the "X-Files". According to my step-brother, the creator of "Fringe" claims that there is a level of truth in every episode. I have not found any evidence that suggests the creator said that. I would love it if anyone could find a source for that.
I'm feeling very absence of that meaddle season of Fringe and looking forward to the revolution that promises to be one of the best early seasons. Someone followed the end of the second season and also think the beginning of the third promise?
I had someone mention this show to me the other day, and I said that I'd never heard of it.

Surprised to find that it does exist in some ways, mostly because I would like to think I have at least heard of most well-known and slightly more obscure shows.
nice film
todabeat wrote:
I was looking inside this forum, and i could not find a FRINGE topic.

does any one like this show?
if you are an x file fan.
you will love this show. i know it does NOT involve aliens
but the cases are just awesome
I really like the Fringe series as well. I like the characters in the movie. They are really human, I especially like the "professor" character Dr. Walter Bishop played by John Noble. For me he is definitely the star of the show. All of the other characters are however great as well. Quite a successfull series, and I do like the story lines of the episodes.

I did like the Xfile series as well, but compared with Xfiles, I think the Xfiles series were much more suspenseful and extreme in comparison with Fringe. Fringe is almost like a tame version of Xfiles.
it's nice
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