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Installing Graphics Card Help

I'm having a problem because i don't know if i should get a new computer case or if i should just stay with my original case.

Well my problem is that i recently bought a Geforce 9600 GSO graphics card which is about 24cms and my computer case is about 37 cms long. But the thing is that when i try to replace my original graphics card (Geforce 7300) it doesn't seem to fit because my dvd drive takes about 10 cms.
So my question is should i install my graphics card without getting a new computer case? or should i just buy a new computer case?
Well by the sounds of it your case is to small. So yes I would wait to get a new case before installing your new card. Try ebuyer thay are good for cases...

thanks for the tip, By the way, if your graphics card is bigger does it mean it uses more power?
Depends on much better if you upgrade your power supply sometimes its slow due to power supply.
okay, thanks for your tips guys Smile
I don't think his problem is that of low power output, it does relate to case size. By his description, I think he's using a BTX or the older Micro-ATX cases, if he says his optical drive is also getting in the way of installing a graphics card.

To the OP:
You can get a standard ATX size case in any computer shop these days, and I think getting one should solve your problem. Just tell them to remove the SMPS that comes with the case from the package. That should reduce the price of the case and save you some money since your current SMPS doesn't seem to have any problems. Also, most of the times the power supplies that come with the cases aren't of very good quality either, so if you ever need to upgrade your SMPS to one with more juice, you'd have the choice of purchasing a better quality one/branded one in future.
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