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database synchronisation

anyone has suggestions for synchronization of two sql server databases. I've been investigating the option for using the ms synchronization framework. The learning curve is quite high.
Does anyone have some experience with this framework? Can someone provide some worked out real world example?
What are the real contras to it?
Are there other solutions (open sourceŕ?
I've used MS SQL, this was back with SQL Server 2000 and 2003 though. What I used was just called "replication" and probably now comes under what they've decided to call the synchronisation framework.

Anyway, it was pretty straightforward to set up - dead easy using the server admin tool, although I eventually used SQL scripts which was harder. What exactly are you finding difficult?

Because replication is such a big part of DB requirements then I'd imagine that all the big name engines support it. I did a quick look for Postgre and MySQL, the big Free and Open Source names, and there are definitely solutions available for those.
I am not familiar with the synchronization framework but if it is the same as replication in SQL server 2000, then I'll recommend using it and I think the learning curve will not be very steep.
You ought to check SQL Compare, using it would be the "easy" way.

The advantage of this application is that one is no longer worried about making changes to frontend applications. Once you're done developing new features, it's as simple as firing up SQL Compare and running it on my product server and within a few seconds your databases tables, stored procedures and everything else will be updated to the latest build.

For details check this:
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