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Sun spot and Skywave propogation


Ameture Radio operators have noticed that there is
connection between position of Sunspot and Reflecting nature
of our Ionosphere.

Do you agree that
position of Sunspots can affect reflecting nature (radio wave)
of ionosphere?
Yes, sunspots have a very definite effect on amateur radio propagation.

During the solar maximum or ACTIVE SUN, there are many sunspots, the solar flux is high, and this highly ionizes our ionosphere. This in turn means our E and F ionosphere layers become very reflective to HF signals. Virtually all the power hitting the E and F layers will be reflected back to Earth and Jodie Foster will hear nothing out in space.

This high reflectivity causes the amateur radio operator's maximum usable frequency to rise, often to above 30MHz. And when this occurs, the 10 meter band will be open all day long to support global communications by using "skip propagation" ... this means your signals are skipping (or being reflected) off the ionosphere back to earth.

This is function of our solar cycle which has a period of about 11 years.
Thanks om ( i think ) for the explanation
Sunspots have an effect on the propagation of radio waves
I remember in the good old days of short wave radio when I was a DXer I used to get the sunspot activity reports on most radio stations and also they would say how it could affect transmission and reception
Wow that was a really great post Dennise! I understand that the ionosphere plays a big role being active in our world as a protective shield from sun activity, something like an earth skin. Amateur radio I suppose can act like a measuring device that can tell us what is going on up there. Isn’t it so wonderful how God has made so many very cool scientific things for us to learn from.

Perhaps, Mars at one time may well have had an atmosphere but solar winds swept it away over a long period of time. The lack of a liquid core and magnetic influence on its gaseous envelope caused that to occur. So what amateur’s are discovering may be very important to our planets survival.
what happens during night times, there is local skip and distant stations are heard clearly ?
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