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Contact form or email address?

Hi, would it be safe if I show the email address a little distored, for example billgates [around] microsoft [dot] com ? Or shall I use a contact form?
I suppose you are talking about placing the email or contact form on your website.

Well, showing your email distorted allows spam bots not to pick up your email address, but you can't stop people from spamming you. I suppose a contact form with a good CAPTCHA (isn't that what it's called?) deters spam bots, and I suppose people won't bother too.

I would go with the contact form.
I suggest contact form too ... You can use CAPTCHA or some more filtering if You want, and another thing is that PPL can write to You dirrectly from Your website and not have to use their mail client Smile

Next thing is that such form is ... well , maybe not pr0, but it's always a nice thing on every website Smile
do both....on the contact page use the form and also place the email address in case people wanna use that.
I've had both my e-mail addresses openly displayed on my website for years now.
I get, perhaps, one spam message per month because of that.
I have both a contact form and e-mail address available on my site. Not had any real spam problems - yet. A contact form provides a convenience to customers by saving them the extra steps of copying your e-mail & opening their e-mail.
Thank you guys for your help. I researched a little and decided that showing my email even distorted is too risky. So I made a contact form using I also enabled their captcha option for spam protection. Looks pretty good this far, but if you have a better suggestion or a viable alternative please let me know.
I think that a contact form is better. Giving your email address will bring alot of junk mail. Even if you insert it as an image, junk mail will start coming.

With a contact form, people that really want to contact you will be able to.
I've had my mail email just listed as a plain link on my site for years and I've never had a spam problem.
I learned my lesson when I put my email on my website. I didn't distort it but still it was insane as to how many emails I got. I used the domain name email and redirected the email to another email so easy fix to get rid of the spam but still not a good idea.

You can get free contact forms or make your own depending on your PHP or HTML fluency.
I would use a contact form. They look better and feel more professional and it's more easy and convenient for the customers or whatever to use rather than going to their email and creating a new email from scratch.
Contact forms aren't as imposing as writing an email, so I would go with that. I enjoy just being able to type a sentence or two with my name/email address and have them get back to me.
Depending on the size of your website (thinking of numbers of visitors),
you should consider using an other email address than your personal one.

Preferrably, if you have your own domain name for that site, you could create a dedicated email address on that domain.

With this, you prevent getting extra spam to your personal email address, and you can sort out all "web site relevant" emails separately.

When it comes to using a contact form on your site, that just depends on what you want yourself. I would in any case preferr to have an email address there, as well Smile
It's safe enough.
Agent ME
Just have a good junkfilter, and you should be good. Gmail and Thunderbird both have good filters.
I've never liked the idea of openly posting your email on the internet. Businesses and individuals have been doing it for years so for the most part you're probably fine. I would still make a separate email address that has decent spam filtering and post that. You don't have to worry about your personal email being spammed and the one you do post will hopefully filter our 90% of spam anyway.
As a user, I prefer to have a contact form. If you have to copy, paste, and edit the email address (change the -at- for @, etc) it's a waste of time... maybe it's not a lot of time, but if you have to do it a lot of times everyday, you get annoyed...
Ya I also agree which the person who posted second. A contact form with a built in captch facility is good. I myself use recaptcha for reducing spam, and it is fine.
Contact form is good but some websites use the old style contact form which saves the messages onto a text file. I dont really know why people use that one.
Contact form with captcha in would prevent spams.
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