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Australia very soon! Tips?!

I'm going on a three week vacation to Australia in October. Anyone know of any wicked things I should see or do? I think I'm going to Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Whitsundays to do the Reef.
Since the seventies years the tourist amount of the country strongly rises. In 2003 4.35 million tourists Australia visited. Principal purposes of the foreign visitors are beside Sydney above all the unique natural landscapes like the Great Barrier Reef and the cockatoo-national park. Australia is also with the „Work & travel“ a popular aim.

General visa duty rules for all foreigners except New Zealanders, namely even for entries from the Commonwealth as well as for tourist short stays.
check on net

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Is right, on the Internet an amount stands over Australia.
Thank you for the tip.
There one finds everything what one needs.
Greeting tdossi
Australia is served by 30 international airlines from almost all over the world. The route from Europe to Australia takes on South East Asia (eastern route). The flight from Frankfurt to Sydney (17,000 km) of approximately 20 hours plus a stop in Singapore, Bangkok etc.

Many airlines can be both outward and / or return his trip, mostly without charge, complete with a stop over in an Asian metropolis, at an oriental impression. Some airlines offer attractive Stop Over Programs, which can be booked with your ticket purchase cheap nights or Kurzbadeurlaube.

An attractive and not much more expensive alternative is the slightly longer flight to the west route across North America. Possibilities for stopovers are inter alia in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Auckland, as well as Pacific Islands such as Hawaii, Tahiti, Fiji, Cook Islands, Tonga or Western Samoa.
For entry to Australia for a visa and a passport is required. The regular short-term tourist visa for a stay is free up to 3 months and is 12 months for multiple entry. Tour operators offer a free visa service for the visitors visa, you do so together with their flight booking. Tourist visas for longer stays up to 6 months duration max. 4 years multiple entry to charges (30 €).
To the poster above - you're not really answering the question... you're just going on and on about other things! I've brought this to a mod's attention.

And to the OP - when you say "reef", I assume you're referring to the "Great Barrier Reef", which is a short boat-trip from Cairns, not the Whitsundays. Check out a company called Quicksilver Cruises - I've been on one of their day cruses from Cairns to the Reef and back, and it was quite enjoyable... it included free use of snorkeling equipment, and you were able to hire scuba equipment on board, and they also sold waterproof disposable cameras on board for some great photos! Smile

Enjoy your trip!
I can't understand that Sydney is not in the Itinerary. Was that just an oversight? I'm not from Australia, but I have travelled in Australia, and Sydney and Canberra were wonderful experiences. Prices of accommodation were crazy in Sydney, but I managed to negotiate something lower in a building that had some construction activity in it in Woolloomooloo. Canberra is probably one of the neatest and most orderly of places I've ever seen. I believe they constructed the city first before the people moved into it. Both cities are definitely worth visiting.
Moderator message. Please stay on-topic. tdossui - this means you in particular.
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