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Fashion Shoot - Youthworks

Youthworks are in the midst of launching a complete new look to their fashion range. I was hired to photograph some of these new items on location at various city spots and in the store against a wall for background removal later.

In the store itself I shot one 580EX II through an umbrella against the largest wall we could find. Ambient light from the shop lights was enough to create enough contrast for the removal process.

On location I took my flash off camera, set a shutter of 1/160 (being as close to the max sync speed on the 580EX II as I’d like to go without having to activate HSS) with an ISO of 100. I could then adjust aperture willy nilly depending on how much ambient was available – ranged between f/4.0 to f/6.3.

The entire day was a blast – all the models were super fun to work with, the MUA’s did a stunning job and Charlotte ran the day without a hiccup – a testament to her skills not only in the studio but on location also.









Nice images over all, my favourite one being the third image and I also love the third and sixth image on the lil contact card/thumbnail image.

The main thing behind fashion photography is that its all about the clothing and you pretty much nailed it and all the images, overall great collab between photographer, models, stylist and mua!

Miss the glamour though, will have to check your website for those Razz
thanks bud Smile

been a bit too busy with bands of late to sneak in any glamour work Sad will have to amend that i think!!
cool i've been more busy with commercial project and weddings, coming up to Atlanta on friday to get the 5d mark ii Very Happy, just checked the ups tracker and it just got delivered.. so excited and i'll probably try my hand out on some mini movies down here in Jamaica.
nice one man! well i am glad i held off on the mkii as i am waiting patiently for the mkiii, which will ideally give us more AF points and 24fps! the 7d is amazing, but it's not full frame, so i am thinking the next update to the 5d will have to address these issues. 24fps is a MUST!!!
I was originally gonna wait also for the mark iii version but then I have alot of weddings coming up in the next couple months and my original 5d is around 3 years old, my 40d is about 2 years so i needed to make sure i have a proper main cam. Was also my excuse for getting it because i want to start shooting mini movies. I hear rumours of a 24fps firmware update coming up soon and I agree with you, the 7D is a great cam but not full frame.

I think Canon is close to catching up Nikon with a good weather resistant body and it has alot of great features finally being implemented into a canon body but its a cropped sensor Sad

the 5d mark iii will be perfect when its out, iso 6400 right now is pretty useable and i cant wait to see what else they will have in store for us in the next couple years
yeah it's tempting (very tempting!!) but i'm gonna sit it out. i'm sure you will be STOKED with it however!! for now, my 5D will have to suffice. and suffice it does!
Yeah i've been playing around with it, seems to have a lil more dynamic range which is good and the high iso capabilities are really cool. Probably need to upgrade my pc again to play and edit these video files though. My original 5d is my oldest camera now but i still prefer it over my 40d, there just some magic to it every time the shutter goes off Very Happy
i like the images...but what up with the cloth styles?????
fashion is a odd thing isn't it!
yeah everybody has different taste....and this...not my taste...nice work on your part though
why do people not smile with these types of things?
jabce85 wrote:
why do people not smile with these types of things?

Good question, that's kind of weird now that I think about it.

I don't know. They feel like they can get more emotion out this way? Or a lack of emotion? Or a specific emotion? Or that would distract from the clothing?
Looks as though black is a very popular colour for fashion. Very nice photos. My favourite is the second photo. Really good contrast, well balanced and composed. I also like the last photo.
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