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Retail Jobs?

Is there anybody here which sells stuff in a retail store ?

What are your tips to sell more stuff ?
I should start soon in retailing technologic stuff like cell phones, computers and ipods!
I don't work in retail, but am talking strictly from a consumers point of view, which I think is equally, if not more important:

For starters, I hate being bothered if I know what I want. If someone looks intently like they know what they're doing and what they want, chances are they won't be please if you bug them. I know this involves a lot of reading and understanding people, but honestly it drives me nuts when I walk into a place knowing exactly what I want and get pestered by ten different people (on commission) who "want to help."

On the other hand, if someone looks absolutely lost, help them! Yes, yes, I contradict myself, but not really. If you're good at understanding people, you'll be able to differentiate between who just wants to shop and who has no clue what they're looking for. I personally believe this is the most important differentiation any salesperson can make. If someone is confused but doesn't want to admit it, you need to learn to recognize that look and jump in. As someone who is quite shy, it thrills me to have someone offer help, so I don't have to ask for it. If you are nice and helpful to someone new to the store, they will probably look for you again if they come back. I always, always remember who was really helpful to me last time I was in a specific store, and I go out of my way to get them to help me again, because I know they know their stuff, and I now they're friendly. If you work on commission, this is especially key.

That's my general take on it, lemme know f there was anything more you wanted to know that I didn't mention. Just to reiterate, I'm not a retail person, but I thought a buyers perspective may be helpful!
pll wrote:
Is there anybody here which sells stuff in a retail store ?

What are your tips to sell more stuff ?
I should start soon in retailing technologic stuff like cell phones, computers and ipods!
You have to love what you are doing. If you are really passionate about your product and there is lots of positive vibes around you, that would already be attractive to people. You have to know your stuff, have all kinds of tips and things that show your understanding for how it works. Maybe own them yourself. There is nothing that beats an expert at getting people to have confidence in your products.

You don't need to be aggressive. Just stand to one side with a smiling face, vibes surrounding you that you are there to help, and you love your products, and let people approach you, or if they have that puzzled or lost look on their faces, offer help.

Don't pressure sell. Pressure sales can backfire in that they can change their minds afterwards, and that creates just lots of work in returning their money to them. Nothing as powerful as them making their own decision and you filling in all the gaps they need in order to make their decision.

Never look bored, nor disinterested, or sceptical. Lots of patience as well and ability to not take people's actions personally. Not to be disappointed, irritated or upset at any time.
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