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google busts the "Duplicate Content" myth!!

Google's Duplicate Content Penality has been creating a lot of buzz around the Internet for a long time, while most of SEO experts I know of totally believe it's truth, others, like me know by practice that it might just be a Myth. From my experience, google just wouldn't show duplicate content on the same keyword query but if you are using duplicate content to generate backlinks, and use your anchor texts wisely, it still helps your ranking for those keywords. To me, if you want to rank well on google, you just need loads of quality backlinks using decent amount of variations or anchors texts from site on unique IPs, if those sites you got backlinks from also are in the same niche with yours, that's great. But related or not, just go get backlinks whenever you could (don't do that on the same site though), and if you can, remember "globe recogition"! Anyway, I think i'm a bit off topic by now, just go to this post written by Chris Crum to see the official and detailed explanation from Greg Grothaus of the Search Quality Team.

Talks Ways to Avoid Related Ranking Issues

While Google's Matt Cutts has certainly provided a wealth of helpful tips via the company's Webmaster Central YouTube channel, he is not the only one to do so. Greg Grothaus of the Search Quality Team has posted a video (along with a presentation on the Webmaster Central Blog) covering duplicate content and multiple site issues that webmasters continue to face when trying to rank well in Google.

Greg begins by clearing up a popular myth about duplicate content, and that is that Google penalizes sites for having duplicate content. This is not the case. That's not to say that duplicate content can't have a negative impact on your rankings, but Google itself is not penalizing you for it.

Just in case you miss the embedded link, refers to this direct link:

What do you think? Still believe in Unique Content Only?
100% copying the content from sites won't be worth. But i agree that small modifications and backlinks for a unique keyword will be worthy. Anyway thanks for sharing
Well its good to see they have cleared things. But I always thought duplicate penalty happen it you make identical content pages.
it all depends on how the content is copied...
they simply might not add pages with exactly the same content...
On every e-zine directories even on EZA (the #1 leader of articles house) you can found similar articles (in fact, I should rather say "duplicated" articles) with a little change in their grammar in each sentence but all of them are still shown on top 3 pages of Google, they are not duplicated content in the eyes of bots or even human examiners but for readers they are same same.

For example:

He suddenly knew the identity of the caller.
Suddenly, he knew the identity of the caller.
Immediately, he learned the identity of the caller.

Google's bot known that each sentence above is unique. How do you think about them? This tactic always used by many marketers (including me Laughing ) and also work very well. Smile
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