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4 innings One Day Inetrnational Matches

Recently Sachin Tendulkar Said that ODI's can be done of 4 innings each of 25 overs each.
2 innings each for batting and bowling Side.

I would like to know what others think?
The suggestion is good... but doesn't that make it "almost" a two innings a side 20-20 match.

With this logic, I'd prefer to see the current 50 over game split... so... the first team bats for 25 overs... and if they lose 2 wickets.... when they bat again, they start without those players.... So, in effect, it is like 50 overs games now... but with a split....

A "follow-on" type target could also be included... say 50 runs to avoid the follow on...

The other option (as I see it) would be that any lost wicket attracts a run penalty.... (20 runs per wicket perhaps), then each wicket lost causes pain to the batting side....

Either way, I think 50 over games need to do something to bring back the excitement... they are being squeezed from both sides by Test matches and 20-20.

Its an interesting option

would get rid of the dead part of 1 day innings (overs 20-40)

But i think 50 over cricket is going to die and be replaced by 20/20

Im a traditionalist and love test cricket, prefer 50 over cricket to 20/20 but the way things are going 20/20 is going to replace 50 over cricket
I dont think there is a point in playing a ODI in two sessions (or rather 4 seccions). It is a silly option for equelising the unfair advantage of pitvh changes or wheather.

if this happens, It will be a T20 match with funny rotations.

What they should actually do is, they should try to even the two innings conditions as much as possible. The pitches should be standerdise so they wont wear out that much in a game.

playing 50 over ODI in two sessions will only make its death more faster Sad
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