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additional day driving light for my car

I would like to insert an additional day driving light for my car.
I think it makes sense.
Does somebody have experience with it?
Has somebody already built an additional day driving light on his car?

Greeting tdossi
Shouldn't be to hard, wire it into the ignition fuse so it comes on when you turn the key...only thing I can think of.

But really I can't see a point to them. My truck as daytime running lights that were a standard feature. But I removed the fuse that controls them because the only times lights are needed in the day are when its raining or foggy. But I just flip my regular lights on in those occasions Shocked
If one has the right light in, one needs no day driving light. But day driving light needs less stream than dipped headlights. I think it is important that one has generally light in. Also during the day.
tdossi wrote:

Does somebody have experience with it?
Has somebody already built an additional day driving light on his car?

I've done plenty of electrical fixes and modifications to various trucks I've owned.

If you already have daytime running lights, the easiest way to do it would be to splice the new light into the connectors of the old one(s), there will only be two wires to connect, and they'll operate just like normal.

That could overload the circuit though... It depends what kind of error margin was built into the wiring. If a fuse blows when you wire it that way, you'll have to start over, and do it the 'right' way.
Thank you. There one must pay attention very much, so that the stream net is not overloaded. I also think one should make the cables new. But I think, the quiet activities of the day driving light is not so high which there is problems. Being started either electric light bulbs (with achievements between 5 watts and 21 watts) or LEDs. The maximum energy consumption lies by application of such Nachrüstlösung between 10 and 42 watts (for both day driving lights).
Oh, I forgot... Personally, I like to have a 'blackout' capability, even with daytime running lights.

If you, like me, appreciate the ability to go into 'stealth mode' at night, you might want to include a switch to turn off the running lights.
Thank you. Really tip. One must be not always to be seen. Some secrecy is sometimes good.
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