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League of Legends

Just wondering if anyone has heard of this new game that is coming out soon called League of Legends. It is made from the makers of DotA which is a MOD game of Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Thousands of people play this game and they decided to make a game for them selves. The makers are from Riot Games and it is currently in BETA stages right now and you can sign up for pre-release which is 29.99 and you get a BETA CDKEY which allows you to play the BETA version on there servers. It is some what of a WoW knock off with its own twist. Seems to be a pretty promising game and hope it will stand up to its hype.

Play as dozens of unique Champions with diverse skills and abilities while engaging in fast-paced team-oriented combat.
Compete in a variety of highly stylized and unique handcrafted battle scenarios.
Create your own persistent Summoner avatar and customize your appearance through achievements that you earn in game.
Advance your Summoner in rank and power to gain skills and abilities that give you an edge in battle.
Join clans and teams to compete with other players in tournaments and organized leagues.
Assemble Legendary items for your Champion by forging together basic items you obtain on the battlefield. Choose from over 200 uniquely crafted items to augment your Champion's power.
Robust matchmaking and detailed stat tracking help to ensure balanced games for new players and veterans alike.
Unlock new content through persistent gameplay and mastering the game.
Integrated LeaverbusterTM technology helps ensure people stay for the whole game!
Participate in the creation of League of Legends through our Suggestion EngineTM the community will have an unprecedented voice in what new content is created and implemented into the game.
And much, much more..
DOTA still on the HEAT...
most people prefer the original dota more than a MOD.
i am not a DOTA fan but it will be much cool if we support the original blizzard and icefrog project!
I own a beta versio nof this game at the moment and have to say it's very unique.
It's in the same genre as DotA, but has very unqiue features about it which is why I take it over HoN.
I love the graphics, they are simple and give the game it's own character. (Something I look for in games) If anyone gets a chance to get a hold of this game I recommend you take the chance. Smile
It looks good, but I don't know if I want to spend $30 on it =/
try out the beta, its really unique and fun game, its the same genre as DOTA, but with alot of unique heroes to choose from Very Happy, hon is just using most of dotas heroes with a different name, while LoL uses alot of unique heroes
I might give this game a try if i can get my hands on it.
I just realized it's out of closed beta now, so I've downloaded it and am going to try it soon

Edit: After playing it for a few days, I can say it's definitely worth the download
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