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Public Speaking question for a few.

Hello everyone. A lot of you who know me haven't seen me around in a rather long long time. Truth be told between work and college, not much free time -gasp-.

Needless to say, A public speaking class is 100% required in any degree nowadays, and with this, leads me to two questions I would like to ask (or more or less need to ask.)

I would like to get at LEAST one programmer to answer this, as that would be the idea profession im looking for, but all feedback would be great, its amazing what you dont think about in some professions.

First, When and how do you use public speaking in your workplace.

And last, What public speaker do you know of that you find most interesting, and what about them do you find interesting/entertain.

Thank you for your time guys, this will be a massive help =).
CLEP tests are great for speech classes. Just take the final exam, pass it, and get credit, without ever attending class.
Most of the questions are common sense, and actual speech part of the exam can be passed as long as you babble on about something related to the topic for the allotted time (and not over!)
m-productions wrote:
What public speaker do you know of that you find most interesting, and what about them do you find interesting/entertain.
Right now, Obama. He speaks with passion, and he presents well. Lesson for me out of his speeches is that you have to love your subject matter and speak about something that you are so knowledgeable about that the passion for your subject takes right over.

I also like Deepak Chopra. What strikes me about him as a public speaker is that he "talks to people" instead of just giving a talk. To the extent that everyone feels that he is talking to them individually. Again, I think he is motivated by his subject matter.
i have to give presentations to senior management (CEO, GM Operations, etc) on a 6 monthly basis as part of my job - thats about as far as my "public speaking" goes with my job - still pretty unnerving with the big bosses watching you

i do agree a public speaking class should be part of all degrees, i did one with my degree (Bachelor of Applied Science) and it has been useful to me
speaking from an engineering standpoint..

public speaking isn't always about standing behind a podium and reciting a well thought out speech. being able to communicate your ideas clearly and efficiently to anyone who has questions about a particular part of your design for instance is of the utmost importance. i think that programmers need to have these types of skills as well, because it seems that with most large programming jobs you're not working by yourself, but in a team.

anyway, don't ever get overly stressed out about anything when it comes to public speaking; all you have to think about is that it only lasts a short time.
In order to succeed in public speaking, you must know the subject well. By knowing your subject well you'll be spending less time looking at your notes and more time looking at your audience (which shows confidence & respect). Don't be afraid to improvise if you know the subject, nothing's more boring than a monotone speech.

The biggest pet peeve I have when others do speeches is when they're talking in a monotone voice and almost moaning... it really gets boring almost instantly.

What I like in speeches is humor to keep the attention (use with caution at a workplace, it can make or break your status), solid speaking (no umms or ugghs..) which means not stuttering, being enthusiastic but nothing crazy, and finally keeping poise.

I have done a good amount of public speaking, it can be very nerve racking, but not thinking about what other's think can help bring the anxiety down if done properly.
m-productions wrote:
First, When and how do you use public speaking in your workplace.
I personally do not use public speaking in my profession. In fact, most professions almost never call for this ability(although there are exceptions, such as presentations, etc). I imagine that it is required for most degree seeking students because it is a confidence builder, which is a benefit to any employee.
And last, What public speaker do you know of that you find most interesting, and what about them do you find interesting/entertain.
Obviously, we have the greats, like Obama and JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, etc. These guys are all great public speakers, but I think there is a whole spectrum of people that should not be overlooked.
Stand-up comics. Watch some of your favorites. See how they interact with the crowd, how they ad-lib, watch their spontaneity, the fact that they don't use little cards to work from. The best thing about comedians, is that they usually have no public speaking experience prior to their comedic performances, so it's all very organic. Sometimes a comic will have a subject matter they are centering around, and if the jokes aren't working, they have to improvise, while staying on topic. I think there is much to be learned from stage comedians, give it a shot, see what happens. And good luck to you!
As a teacher, I use public speaking on a daily basis. At the college level, you cannot afford to present anything less than the best and most informative lectures to your students. Your job is simply to pass on knowledge in the best way you know how, as you have obviously been put in your position because of your expertise.

Planning on going on with school, ... higher education?
Doctoral Degree?

You may end up teaching.

I suggest you learn public speech.
I think most careers will at some point require you to make a public speech. Whether it be a presentation to your boss or at a head of departments meeting etc. You just never know. I know that speech classes (at least for me) can be terrible and annoying but just try to think of them as a necessity.
I think the requirement for any major is pretty reasonable. I mean... public speaking class teaches good communication skills anyway; and who doesn't use communication in his/her job?
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