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Ultima Online - Reborn

Ultima Online™: Kingdom Reborn Overview

Upgraded Graphics

Experience Ultima Online like never before. The MMO that started it all celebrates its 10th anniversary with a stunning graphical overhaul that takes advantage of new technology while retaining that classic UO look. The makers of Ultima Online have gone back to the original concept designs for the game to rebuild the world - every rock, every creature, every item, and every effect - with painstaking detail. It is a world truly reborn!

Improved User Interface

Take your skills the next level with the newly improved user interface that lets you control your avatar like never before. All of the features players have grown to love in MMOs are here, including drag and drop functionality, and they are a simple mouse click away.

Updated New Player Experience

It is now easier than ever to jump in and discover why Ultima Online is the longest continually running MMORPG in history! The rebuilt starter town of Haven, the new player tutorial and the new Bright Paths character advancement system allow first time players to get into the game, build up their skills, and begin exploring Ultima’s enormous world more quickly than ever.

About Ultima Online

Be Exactly Who You Want To Be -- A flexible character creation system based on 55 different skills, including everything from sorcery to swordsmanship to animal taming to carpentry. You choose how you want to play and what your character is good at.

Battle Fearsome Monsters - Hunt hundreds of deadly monsters across a massive world filled with exotic locations and treacherous dungeons. Take on paragons, champion spawns and peerless monsters, perhaps the most fearsome and difficult creatures in any MMORPG.

Take On Worthy Opponents -- A wide variety of Player-versus-Player (PvP) options, including faction wars for territory control, guild wars for loot and bragging rights, and wide-open, “no rules” PvP for the most dangerous of players.

Completely Customizable Housing -- Design your own house from the ground up. Build a fearsome fortress, a mansion of marble or a garden cottage.

Powerful Crafting System – Make and customize almost anything in the game: powerful weapons, sturdy armor, magic potions, bedroom furniture, and much, much more.

Start Your Own In-Game Business -- Build your own vendor mall and sell wares you’ve created, collected or bargained for. Achieve wealth beyond your dreams by buying low and selling high.

Belong to a Worldwide Community of Players -- Join a guild, go on group adventures, take part in epic events, hang out at the corner pub, and join player-created social events. Thousands of friends are waiting for you.

And much, much more – Taming, barding, treasure hunting, tailoring, planting, map making, thieving, boating, fishing, questing, and on and on…
This is neat to see, and I might join in on the fun if I get the time. I wish Sony would do this with the original Everquest. Yes, they are revamping the graphics, but not all the time do they do a good job that celebrates the original. EQ has been flooded with expansions, broken quests, and tons of things that make it out of balance.

Although I love the ideas that came from the new expansions, I would much rather see a Reborn Edition of the original Everquest. All new graphics, but everything still in it's rightful place. Perhaps they'll even get the boats to work, lol.

But thanks for the info on Ultima Online. It's nice to see that they are bringing it back for those who never experienced it, such as myself.
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