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Laptop and Network problems.. help please

Ok brief computer specs.

Acer Aspire 1362WLMi
CPU: AMD Sempron 1600mhz (2800+)
Motherboard: VIA K8M800 (according to a program i have EVEREST)

RAM: 512MB
HDD: 40 Gig partitioned into C:(windows install) D:(files and personal stuff)

with a 2 gig hidden partition at the beginning of the drive (2gig approx)

Problem 1

Disk To Disk Recovery

The laptop has a 2gig hidden parition for a reason.. it allows you to use Disk To Disk recovery to reinstall windows to the C: partition without requiring the use of any CDs.
You activate this by first enabling it in the bios (which i have done) and then pressing Alt-F10 when the laptop boots (where you normally get like F2 for bios and F12 for boot options)

For some reason disk to disk recovery doesnt run anymore... at all. If i hold Alt-F10 down after a while it just makes beeping noises (like nasty motherboard error sounding ones) then continues to load Windows XP Normally.

I had GRUB running previously on this laptop but have now used a CD to restore the MBR to just boot windows. (not using linux anymore so no reason to use GRUB) but i dont think that would have effected it at all as accessing the D2D system is handled within the bios not the boot loader.

so yeah any suggestions would be nice.

Problem 2

Connection to internet from my house is fine (wireless) when i visit my dad who connects using BT (british telecom) using a BT Voyager 2100 Wireless ADSL router / modem.

when i try to use my laptop on the wireless network i break the network (this includes when i try to connect it directly using an ethernet cable.

Other PCs can seem to connect fine untill i use my laptop .. which seems to change the dns servers from
192.(numbers).(more numbers).1 to 194.(numbers).(more numbers).(something)

which is just a little odd as the router ip is

this basicly breaks all Messaging programs (aim/msn/yim/google talk) and Internet Explorer as well as firefox.

However the laptop can still play Counter Strike Source quite happily.. and connect to Skype.

to be honest i have no idea how my laptop does that or how it manages to kill the router so that nothing can load webpages but i can use two programs....

again any good help is appreciated
The answer for problem 1:

I think that GRUB has made so much damage to your recovery partition, that it cannot start. So you must rebuild your harddisk.

How you can do this:

1. Put the Acer Recovery cd (the bootable one) in your notebook and boot.

2. In the following menu select "Rebuild Harddrive" or something that means the same.

3. Follow the following instructions.
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