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Fantasy football !!

I see alot of sports discussions goin on and didn't see any FFL topics.

I believe FFL is a great contest, makes you learn the sport more.

So with that short introduction lets get hashing!

1) Daunte Culpepper? Trade him now before he goes through the floor?
2) Willie Parker? For real or will he be #3 again?
3) Larry Johnson & Priest Holmes in the same FFL backfield?
4) Peyton Manning "humanized" this year?
5) Chicago Bears defense snag and Baltimore Ravens drop?

let all the team owners discuss! Smile
HI. all very rarely do I reply to myself but in an attempt to revive this topics since playoffs have begun I'd like to amusingly answer the questions I asked.!

1) YES .. trade .. bad .. if you still have him on your teams you're living on mars! Even if you are in a keeper league! You'd best think twice!

2) YES and YES ... however in fantasy football terms just consider a Cowher driven offense as having 3 second string running backs from now on ... quote me on that!

3) YES! LJ is coming to form.. however .. if the Chiefs drafted me (5'5 135 lbs) You'd better pick me because anyone can run for 4 touchdowns and 150 yards a game behind Willie Roaf.

4) NO! Nope he's still superman 14-0 is a pretty good sign.

5) YES and YES! Chicago's defense has drive the Bears to the playoff hunt, QB? RB? WR's = none and yet they still win. Ravens they're running out of gas by running their second string defense all year.

So with that said: Does anyone have any teams playing in the second round of the playoffs? I have 6 teams: 3 teams didn't make the playoffs; 1 made it but crashed and burned in round one; and 2 are still playing.
All my leagues start the playoffs this week.

3 leagues I'm the number one seed in the playoffs and should do fine.

1 league I made the playoffs, as the number two or three seed, and it will be tough to win a game in these playoffs.

1 league I missed the playoffs by losing in the last week of the year, by about three points (I'm the commissioner of this league.)

1 league I missed the playoffs by losing in week 13 by a few points.

1 league I was 1-13 (ouch!!!), after winning my first game, I lost the last 13 games of the year. Obviously, I didn't make the playoffs in that league.
Well I was 3rd place with one playoff team:

QB: Bledsoe / Collins
RB: Tomlinson / Foster / Anderson
WR: Ward / S. Smith / Houshmandzadeh / Curtis
TE : Crumpler / McMicheal
K : Feeley / Tynes
DEF : Giants / Vikings

starting roster for round 2:
QB: Bledsoe
RB: Tomlinson
RB: Foster
WR: Ward
WR: Smith
Flex: Housh
TE: MCMicheal
DEF: Giants

everyone has average to great matchups ... I'm feeling good bout this one.

The other league in the playoffs is pretty crazy .. we have large rosters and we get points for return yards I'll post that later on.
Yes! I finished first in my league.
I started off the season 0-5 and ended up 10-6.
I'm looking forward to next season.
First pick is gonna be Alexander or Larry Johnson. LJ is flippin awesome.
You'll have to monitor the Preist / LJ / new coach situation carefully, if priest comes back in a red Jersey (probably not) then he will vulture all the playing time. If Coach (Herm probably) rearranges things and lose their offensive line (Wille Roaf) then take neither one of them (note Derrick Blaylock)
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