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Google vs MSN

How can it be that my site is doing awesome on Google now, but no where to be found in MSN? All my pages are optimized pretty good, and tmany are showing up great in Google out of an average 200,000-500,000 results.

But the same pages are not showing up on MSN? The only thing showing up on MSN is my homepage for things, but no inner pages like in Google.

Any ideas as to why?
Different search engines work in different ways. Google index much more pages than any other search engine and probably has the best algorithms for serving relevant pages.

MSN doesn't give that much traffic anyway so it's nothing to worry about in y opinion.
As we know that Google is No. 1 in search engines and holding the major part of online market so It is good to having visibility of website in its result pages. You can't compare and expect the same rankings in different search engine.
Your site is indexed properly in google- that's the main thing. I get most of my traffic from google. So, don't worry about MSN. try to carry out "awesome rank" in google.
It's pretty hard to get traffic from Bing (MSN) or Yahoo search. I have no idea why. Also it doesn't matter how hard I try can't get much from them. Most of the times nothing at all.
MSN and google have different algorithms that is why you have a good position on one and don't show up on the other...
Of course, having traffic from Google is great but it's not bad if you can get
additional traffic from Yahoo! and Bing and I've found that traffic from
Yahoo! and Bing have high conversion rate as well.
Google is the lagest engine. It has large database and powerful technology to catch your webs.
I have noticed that if you get traffic from Yahoo you get traffic from Bing too. But if you don't get traffic from Yahoo you won't see any traffic from Bing too. Maybe this works other way. Like You get traffic from Bing only if you get traffic from Yahoo. Probably both have same SEO algorithm patterns.
google is the best
Because Google loves educational and public domain .COM. NET and governmental domains like .EDU and .GOV. I discuss this in depth in the accompanying pdf to this packet called ‘The SEO Power of EDU links’ which I strongly recommend google win.
Defintely Google... Laughing

i think hardly anyone uses MSN nowadays... Crying or Very sad
Google is the best for me. I never use other search engines(except yahoo in some really really exceptional cases). Google is nice for me. I haven't used MSN till date. So, for me, google is more than enough. Very Happy
None of my friends use MSN.
google is best and no 1 .. next to google is will come the other search engines llike msn, yahoo etc..
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