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Hello fellow site admins!

First, I must admit that this forum board is top quality, I am rather excited to get involved in the community.

I am a "freelance" Web builder / site admin and like everyone else would like to promote my website.

The only thing to offer is mainly my forum and my downloads. My forum is hosted by a server that is quite buggy and would not be suprised if users get a "Could not connect to database error" so I apologize for that in advance and this is also a reason why I am looking for better alternatives. And I believe I have found it here.

Please feel free to peruse my "origionial" works in my downloads section and register and join my forum if you wish.

A common problem for a programmer is not knowing what to program, so if you request something I will in a timely response tell you if it in my bounds and I'll give it a shot if I can do it.

Thank you for reading my post!

edit: Actually since my account has be re-constructed I am mainly a forum running the latest Release Candidate of PhPBB. Mainly entertainment and the home page of my fallensword guild.
It takes ages for the images to load on your webpage, plus the image

Is missing, though I don't think the yellow text on the black background works very well at all, never the less each to his own.
Cool design, but the buttons may need some work to make them more readable. I also agree that the pictures sure take a moment to load. Smile
Thank you Smile I am planning a complete overhaul because my frihost request has been accepted!! It will have a similar feel ... however the missing image is slightly brfuddling to me ... yet another reason I want to move Smile I'm tired of having one site here one site there .... this will put the package together! I am so exciting and I hope that this will be a top notch site! Now I have the support of the frihost community to help me out!
I dont like it,
1st - Anglefire? What the hell! Razz
2nd - The layout looks a bit plain and bland try adding more images and sorting out text fronts ect.

Thats it really
Thanks for the response! I feel any feedback is good feedback. I will get crackin on the web-page itself when I get the wheels on my forum going. is where it is going to be

If anyone has any hints on how to configure my config.php to point to the new host that would be greatly appreciated!

Edit and Update: The move has occurred and was successful I removed the link referring you to a sub-par web host that I actually have redirected to my new frihost site.
Well, Ill plug again but my website has been updated again at the top theres some new links to different places in my website, check it out and lemme know what you think.
ok i love the cursor i live the link text but the boreder of the table around the links needs to go

and maybe you should put some rollovers for the links... like invert the colors on rollover.
Thanks for the reply Motoracer, that site unfortunately is old and archived, I suppose I must edit my first post because my new focus is on . However the page is archived in the frihost site minus the annoying Angelfire garb.

Bit Yes the cursor is quite good however I cannot take credit for it. I scored it from open souce site The thought of using the cursor in the new site has crossed my mind. And actually my problems with the logic and functionability of the navigation buttons are what prompted me to switch to a new style of page. Also I wanted to feature the forum, which is the breadwinner of the site.

I am also planning on getting some better graphical links to the site with mouseover effects definately. But right now I am concentrating on content first to make sure that I have somewhere for the links to take you to. So please if you haven't checked it out It would be great to evaluate the new frihost site, and offer up suggestions and such.

Always appreciative, XeononyX
its ok though im getting alittle tired of internet hell on the other hand you had 506 articles so youre doing ok...
you've already posted this site
Actually, this is the same thread and it has changed drastically, and instead of double posting the same thread I simply altered it to reflect the new site Smile
I think it will serve its purpose, I had no trouble with any images or links, seemed to flow well. I did like the "slide show", some images were fuzzy though.
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