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Guild Wars 2

I love the original GW and the concept it uses for free online play. It's nice to buy a game and play it when you want to, and not have to feel like you "have to" because you paid a subscription.

Guild Wars 2 is on the horizon, and here are some snippets of news I found from:

Guild Wars 2 takes fans back to the fantasy world of Tyria and takes place 250 years after the events in Guild Wars, following the awakening of the powerful elder dragons, described by NCsoft as pure "engines of destruction" in the game. If that's not daunting enough, the dragons have also enslaved an undead army to help them in their quest to corrupt and consume Tyria. The four playable races--humans, Charr, Norn, and Asura--have banded together to stop the dragons in their quest and are joined by some extra help.

There is a new, plant based race that can be played. Also the water will be expanded and allow players to swim under and explore all new areas. It sounds fantastic. There is no release date set yet, and I haven't found concrete news that online play will be free. It wouldn't be Guild Wars if it wasn't free, IMO.
It's out and I've been playing for about two weeks.

I rolled a Warrior first, got to level 20 and decided to roll a Ranger. Got to level 10 with my Ranger and rolled an Engineer. Again, level 10 and I rolled a Mesmer. Briefly rolled a Thief and went back to my Warrior. He's now at level 27.

Went through all the class changes because I thought ranged classes would be much less of a chore, all whilst feeling powerful. At least that was my experience with WoW. But sadly, in my experience all the ranged classes in this game feel weak for some reason (I'm still yet to try the Necromancer and Elementalist). The only class that made me feel like my avatar was really powerful was the Warrior. (I've been hearing good stuff about the Guardian too.)

Maybe I just haven't played enough of the game to fully appreciate the strengths of each class.

Also, I'm having a hard time trying to level up when all the "hearts" in the area I'm currently in have been achieved but I need to be at a higher level to do the main storyline quest. I end up getting bored waiting for the next world event to occur to get some xp.

I'm still playing though. Smile

Once you hit level 80 in Guild Wars 2 you kind of get bored of the game. I played it for the first month and a half having a blast with my friends, but we all started quitting one after another. This is due to the game having a massive amount of bugs, barely any end game content, and the lack of social aspects.
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