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Google Chrome - should we be worried about our privacy?

I don't use Google Chrome, but am concerned about privacy issues and wonder whether anyone has comment on this. I am perfectly aware that the moment I get onto the Internet, whichever search engine I use, that it will be checking up on me, but I have this feeling that Google is just that much more aggressive in getting information, and Google Chrome seems to be a major project to increase its ability to track its users, their IP addresses, and not only their searches, but what they type into their search boxes.

A discussion started on this in another thread and I'm quoting my concerns below:

This is why I don't like the idea of Google Chrome:

1. A discussion on what Google gets to see and use when you use Chrome:
But then I realized something huge. If you use Google Chrome, Google will know every URL you type into the location bar. More than that, they will know (almost) every partial URL you type into the location bar. More than that, they will know every word or phrase you type into the location bar, even if you type it and then delete it before pressing enter. More than that, all this information can be linked with your main Google account, because Google sends your cookie along with every automatic search it performs from the location bar. Chrome will use the cookie of whatever Google account you are currently logged into.

No other browser that I know of uses an automatic search/suggest feature in the location bar. The location bar is where you type the address of the site you want to navigate to. Firefox uses a suggest feature in the search bar. It makes sense to do it there. now has auto suggest on their homepage. It makes sense there too. Now it makes sense to also have it in the location bar in terms of a nice helpful feature. But in terms of privacy I think this is a new low. I think Google should, at the least, not be sending your cookie out with these searches. But even then they could be connected to you by IP.

2. More info on cnet, as well as a follow-up article when Google went on a promo-defense
The auto-suggest feature of Google's new Chrome browser does more than just help users get where they are going. It will also give Google a wealth of information on what people are doing on the Internet besides searching.

Provided that users leave Chrome's auto-suggest feature on and have Google as their default search provider, Google will have access to any keystrokes that are typed into the browser's Omnibox, even before a user hits enter.

What's more, Google has every intention of retaining some of that data even after it provides the promised suggestions. A Google representative told CNET News that the company plans to store about 2 percent of that data--and plans to store it along with the Internet Protocol address of the computer that typed it.

In theory, that means that if one were to type the address of a site--even if they decide not to hit enter--they could leave incriminating evidence on Google's servers.

2.2 Follow-up article when Google went on a promo-defense;title
When did Google Chrome become a search engine?
Hogwarts wrote:
When did Google Chrome become a search engine?
Obviously Google Chrome is Operating Software. I put it in the wrong forum. A real Oops .... ! Embarassed I will ask one of the Moderators if they can move the thread to the right forum.

Darn! I was looking forward to your comment. Smile
eehm chrome isn't an OS either...
but it's moved to the right forum
Ghost Rider103
Google Chrome will soon have it's own OS.

I'm curious now, are you referring to the soon to come Chrome OS, or the Chrome web browser?

I'm assuming the web browser after reading the provided quote, but I think I want to be sure now. Laughing

Anyways, I wouldn't really be too worried. Unless you are doing something illegal. Which you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

I don't really care if Google knows what else I am doing on the internet.

Though if they are tracking every keystroke I make, that is kind of odd. Though it is probably used mostly for statistics, that is the only problem I really have. Really, anyone can find out what websites you visit at anytime, so why be worried if Google knows?

The only thing I'd be worried about is Google tracking passwords. Though I highly doubt Google would even try to see what anyone's password is, but they could be a potential seller to bank account information. I once again highly doubt it sense Google is such a large company.

Also, I am not talking about like a password to a forum. I'm talking about like logging into your bank account online passwords, and Paypal passwords. Stuff with important information on it. Forums do not really have anything important on them. If someone got my password on Frihost, the worst they could do is spam... Which is easily tracked to figure out it wasn't really me.

I'm not worried about it one bit, and I don't see why anyone else should. If it was a brand new company that wasn't very big, then I wouldn't even bother. But it's Google.
Ghost Rider103 wrote:
Google Chrome will soon have it's own OS.

I'm curious now, are you referring to the soon to come Chrome OS, or the Chrome web browser?

I'm assuming the web browser after reading the provided quote, but I think I want to be sure now. Laughing
Right! Thanks for being so diplomatic about it.

I probably don't need to provide this link, but it gives more information about the Google Chrome Web Browser Laughing

Looks as though Wikipedia has covered Google Chrome OS as well:
This is the one I would probably not need. As it is a bit lightweight being focussed on the WWW only and I need a fully fledged operating software.

There are so many options out there, and doubt I will use more than Google e-mail functions.
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