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Trek 1.8 inch USB HDD - not bootable

I have bought a Trek 1.8 inch External USB HDD device - containing a Toshiba 160GB HDD.

It i not recognized by Ghost 8, and not recognized during the BIOS Boot sequence.

I am unable to use this external 1.8 inch USB HDD as a bootable USB Drive.

I will like to make it bootable so that I can install either a BartPE XP or a full XP OS, and a partition for data.

Does anyone has experience in making such smal external USB HDD bootable?

With much appreciation for any useful information.
Firstly, does your BIOS even support booting from USB? Check if you can set a usb device in boot setup. After you have confirmed that, you will actually need to build an MBR onto it, I am not sure how bartPE installs, but I know that you can install a copy of windows to it no problem if your BIOS supports USB. Simply run the install disk and designate the USB drive as the install path. (A word of caution, that windows install will _only_ be good for the computer you use during installation)
Yes, I have check prior to my posting that my Notebook support USB HDD booting.

To push or create an MBR on my Trek 1.8 inch external USB HDD, I am unable to do it, as my Ghost 8 could not find the USB drive, and also the boot sequence does not detect the USB HDD.

I need more hlep than these, can anyone provides help, if you have encountered similar problems.

Installing XP on USB HDD, will required slipstreaming the XP installation CD and also changing some configuration files to accept USB devices after the first reboot. I can manage these, but not the problem of not recognizing my external USB HDD.

I am a bit late, but if you did not figure out how to create an MBR on your external USB HDD, then I have a small utility, PeToUSB (here is the link with the step-by-step guide and download link, try it, I already did, it works like a charm, maybe it could help you, as it recognizes every USB stick you connect to your PC

Good luck!
Thanks Jean-Clod, for your information.

I am familiar with BartPE - as such, the PE-to-USB is not a stranger.

The problem I face seem to be the USB firmware Trek uses - that prevent the BIOS from recognising it.

I am guessing, but the symptoms point to this. I hope someone who have been toying with problems similar to mine, could give more advice and help.

Thanks Jean-Clod.
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