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Graphic Design Marketing

I'm a St. Louis based graphic designer just getting into the business world. Does anyone else have experience in freelance work working mostly for print and printing?

What are some tips to market my business and get publicity?
Does door to door marketing work for this kind of work?


My Website:
Ghost Rider103
I have some experience with print design.

Depends on what area you are targeting on how to get your customers. If you want to keep your business locally only, then I'd suggest an ad in the paper, get yourself some flyers, business cards, etc.

I don't think going door to door will help you much. Unless you are targeting commercial businesses, then it may be effective. For example, you might have some luck going into a car dealership or a pawn shop or something similar. But I don't think going to your neighbors door is going to help you much.

But if you are in a very small town, like myself, then keeping your business local only is probably not the best idea. You may want to think of expanding your business across the internet. Which wouldn't mean you can't get local jobs, it just means that the majority of your business comes from online.

Good luck!
Thanks for your feedback. When i say Door-2-Door, i do mean commercial not residential. I live in St. Louis, which is a pretty populated city. Newspaper ads i beleive are not as affective anymore as they were once. What i'm thinking is, i should send postcards out to my market area and then stop by those businesses to offer my services in person.

Mail peices often get thrown away and are not always effective.

Large companies are usually provided with business collateral through their headquarters. I guess i would have to find out which ones are not.
i like this business
Good advice! Thanks I can use some of it.
Hey guys, I'm working on a new website. Check ou the new look and let me know what you think.

It's currenlty non functional, just jpeg sample.

nice design but in my opinion, you should have chosen other color than bluish green because the dark background(bluish green or whatever color it is) doesn't look good on the red text.. but overall it's clean. I like it though. Goodluck!
Ghost Rider103
I don't think changing the whole background is his only option.

You could also just change the red color on the website to something different. A bright blue or a baby blue would look good on that background.

I agree the red color he has on there now just doesn't do too well with the background. I'd try changing the colors around a little bit. I think a white background (but still with the pattern) would look good if you wanted to keep the red. The red color would need to be more of a brighter red. Your current red seems a bit dull.

Anyways, good luck!
for a graphic design site it doesn't have much graphic work on it... you need to showcase that you can make anything from the simple to the extraordinary, make your site really catch the eye but make sure it isnt over'll end up changing your website ten times before you get it the way your comfortable, as i learned. My website has been changed maybe 5 times, and ive had close to 100 designs i made before picking the one im using now.
Sometimes i design some simple layout in my small internet cafe , quite good business but i don't concentrate it i repair computers and printing all documents.
As somebody mentioned, the site would be better with a lot of samples.There aren't many graphics on it yet.
I like the basic layout of site. If the base color is something pale, your business will have a clean looking and maybe be preferred by ordinary people. I guess most of the customers are rather conservative and not very artistic.
I knew one person that would go to small business and leave something. They would do research though, try and find the site before dropping in, to make a determination what 'package' they might be interested in. It seemed to be one of the ways work could be obtained though I suspect that most comes just from referral.
Recenlty made some desing changes. Let me know what you think.
(Nothing too big)

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