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level of education

Is the education system of the 21st century up to the mark...does it suffice to the needs of fast life??
According to me...the present level of education does not conform to the needs of the present generation.... The way we are required to be trained for our workplaces, that sort of education is not provided by the various institutes...
What needs to be done is a revision of the techniques of imparting education with a clear conscience of the practical applications in various fields.... rather than bookish knowledge of every subject....
I think Basic education is a must and should be compleated in high school level. Now onwards
special education highliting to need of the society, should be given to children.

Computer education has already started in primary level in our state.
according to my experiences most kids in high school are receiving more education than they will use (or apply properly) in life. But of course that's coming from a kid who was home schooled after 9th grade in USA because it was a bad bad school, and now I"m 19 goin' on 20, back in high school but a MUCH better campus, and I'd rather just take straight computer classes, but I can't because there's things that are 'required by the state' which I wont use at all in my field i'm plannin' on venturing too. Speech isn't bad... Theater Arts if fun... but P.E.... I'm athletic and it's easy and all, but it's a waste of time. I keep myself physically fit outside of school a lot better than in P.E. class. I've finished English already, but I don't care for it because teachers dislike some of my grammar. It's how I want it! I don't care if it's perfect or not! I Try to type or write like i would say it out loud. Smiley Faces and all! lol.

But that's just me. I'm a high school repeat, what do I know?
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