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Is any chance to open F1 in India ?

Hours after creating history on the Formula One tracks, Force India owner Vijay Mallya slammed Sports Minister MS Gill for his ill
conceived remarks over Formula one.

Just a few days ago the Sports Minister had refused a grant for F1 races to be held in India, saying that it was not a sport.

"F1 is not purely sports. It is entertainment and this venture by JKSP is a commercial initiative. The proposed F1 race does not satisfy conditions which focus on human endeavour for excelling in competition with others, keeping in view the whole sports movement from Olympics downwards," said MS Gill.

The tricolour finally conquered Formula One, after Force India's Giancarlo Fisichella drove a fairytale race to finish second in the Belgian Grand Prix to score the team's first points on Sunday.

This is a significant step by Force India in putting the country on the Formula One map. However, the sports ministry thinks otherwise.

But Vijay Mallya is not buying that argument. Speaking exclusively to TIMES NOW Mallya said, "F1 has a huge growing fan base in India, particularly amongst youngsters. The sport is probably the most widely watched sport in the world. The viewer ship on TV is next to Olympics or Football World Cup. I can't understand anyone who says it is not a sport."

And not just Mallya, even noted F1 commentator Steve Slater feels the same. He said, "I know there is a controversy in India on whether F1 is a sport or not. If those who believe it is not a sport and if they were watching the race, they might change their decision on Monday morning."

An Indian team on the podium may change the sport ministry's attitude. If that doesn't it could be the popularity of the sport that could possibly change the outlook the ministry.

mOrpheuS wrote:
Please use quote tags around text that you haven't written yourself.
Oh yes. David Coulthard (DC) recently vroomed at Mumbai's Sealink at a staggering top speed of 240 kilometers/hour. Awesome!!! Doesnt matter if he will be INR 14,00,000 for his antics. DC must be least bothered. Him are the people that breaks the rule in a decorum.

F1 in India is huge possibility. especially with Narain driving for Jordan, Karun Chandok being top-notch F2 driver and liquor-man setting trend by owning a team. However, there isn't enough following of this sport. In India it will be hard to make people understand the V-8's and G-force. For most of them what matters is if Narain or Vijay Mallaya are winning races or not. If they are not winning they are not happening. But tell them that to run that one care there are 200 people working on it day & night throughout the season. I will not advocate racing in India. The kind of expense to manage an F1 race will be foolishness when there are so many basic stuff (like Cricket and Hockey) are to take care. We will wait and see my frend.
Money talks look at Dubai,

sand one minute tarmac the next

700 million track

700 million hotel also
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