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She is termed as one of the most beautiful in entire Europe


Cute isnt she? Wink
That is an extremely well groomed little pooch, what kind is it. We have something similar to this in Africa called a Maltese Poodle. Funny thing is there is actually no such thing as a Maltese Poodle. You get a Maltese and you get a Poodle so technically the thing we have is a white dog.

Any comments?
damn i want one of those but when i clicked on the thread, i thought u were talkin about a woman, a babe. but i think this dog is much cuter...hahahah good one.
teehee! That's a super cute puppy but man I was hoping for a babe too
I have a Maltese here in the U.S., and her coat has NEVER been that clean. (My dog's fur is short, like that one, where it's intended to be long as the breed is in the "Toy" category). This is what my Maltese looks like, but I still love her anyways. (I took this picture when she was trying to steal a couple of french fries from my dinner one night, as she goes crazy over them).

- Mike.
izcool wrote:

Your dog is 10 times more cute and sweet than the one posted by the OP... Smile - that just looks unnatural...

more pictures izcool?
LukeakaDanish wrote:
more pictures izcool?

I don't have many of her surprisingly, but I do have one from Christmas 2003 when we had her fur cut really short (she seemed so small and frail !!). I can take recent photos of her if you'd like, but this is the only other one I have at the moment to show you.

The previous picture I posted is from a few months ago, which is more recent than this one.

Sorry if this is off-topic from the other dog above.

- Mike.
Actually, that is a very well groomed animal,,, my mother has a poodle, miniature, and she does the same thing,,, I got stuck with a but licking cat... which I do like sometimes when we dont fight over my
you take her to dog shows?
Very nice puppy! Well I wouldn't be surprised if she is the best-looking in Europe. Did she win a contest for that? Or that is just the owner expressing how proud she is?
How cute! Although she can't have a great life - judging from her coat she's never been outside. I didn't know it was possible to get a dog's coat that white.
S3nd K3ys

That's just fugly, sorry. I don't see much use for dogs like that. Especially when they're all dressed up like dolls. Rolling Eyes
I prefer a big dog that you can walk that can keep up with you instead of that one but it is really cute..
ncwdavid wrote:
I prefer a big dog that you can walk that can keep up with you instead of that one but it is really cute..

Yeah, me too. I want a dog to play with and no dog to hug! Wink
Thats a cute puppy. Yet it is strange that this thread is more than a year old.
jongoldsz wrote:
Thats a cute puppy. Yet it is strange that this thread is more than a year old.

Yeah I know, that Rico is digging old threads, but then again is bring memories. Smile Smile
oh no. she is cute and beautiful. Wish to has a puppy like this.
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