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What do I do? I Like/Love her but she doesnt feel the same.

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wow.... take it easy....
it takes two to love
a single person can only get infatuated
take your time and remain friends if u think thats possible.
yeah you need to calm down. take a breath and relax.

I know how it feels to see someone and fall for them and hope that they feel the same way. truth is sometimes (a lot of times) they don't. cause she gave you her msn contact does not mean that she wants to date you. maybe she thought that you seemed fun and wanted to just hang out.

How old are you? Yes it does make a diff. Have you had a serious girlfriend before? What is it about this girl that you like exactly?
I got the just about the same problem, but yea I am open for opinions too! Good Luck man.
how's it going?
what do you mean she blames other people? surely if she is interested, then she could blame others for not spending time with you. I think you're infatuated because she is not interested.
I think the best solution is to look for other girls you find attractive and compare them to her.
do you know everything about this girl or well at least know her well? your contact with her hasn't been very direct, company by the swimming is something, but I wouldn't count the msn communication much.

it because you can't seem to let things goes, so you think you love her. but if you do love her, you would be able to let her go. it human nature to want things we don't have.
find something else to direct your heart to.
i would seriously suggest you move on because when you will finally do that, you might regret all the time you wasted thinking all this.
This is a very tricky situation, and can go however far you want it to. From experience, I have found that there are only a couple of options you can go with.

1. You can manipulate who you are as a person (not recommended) in hopes that she will learn to feel for you the same as you feel for her. More than likely this won't work, and will upset friends and family members more than anything.

2. You can either forget about her and move on, or attempt to share a great friendship, which may eventually lead to something else. Girls that are your friends generally get very jealous when you show an interest in another woman.. so give it a shot.

Hope it all works out great!
It's better if you just try to get over her, you might like her a lot but I don't think it's love. You seem to be young so there will be many people that comes and goes, but it's no point in staying at the same corner when there is something better out there. She probably doesn't want to be with you, that is the reality, but try not to feel to bad about it. I have liked many boys that didn't feel the same way for me, of course it is just heartbreaking and horrible when you are young but when you do grow older and realize what your life is about and what you really want then it doesn't mater if others doesn't like you the same way. I still have sort of feelings for my ex boyfriends, but I know I would never want to get back with them, once it's over I choose to go forwards, not cry and hope they will take me back. And trust me, once you decide to go forwards it seem like they want to be with you, which is horrible because then you have to say no but it's for the best. Think about you, it's your life and only you can control it, if she is not the one then focus about you and you'll find someone else that likes you
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