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Anyone else really excited for this show to premier? It looks like it's going to be a really interesting character/society study. Just think of all the different points begging to be made! You could make this a commentary on literally anything, and it'd never have to be tied down to anything if it didn't want to be! Clever idea, clever presentation, good casting lineup, I think this show has absolutely everything going for it and I don't say that very often, especially without seeing even the first episode. Needless to say, if it disappoints, there will be hell to pay. Hehe
That's funny, at first I thought you were talking about that Disney show from the mid-90s with Jewel Staite...
I haven't heard anything about this new series. Might have to check it out.
georgeodowd wrote:
That's funny, at first I thought you were talking about that Disney show from the mid-90s with Jewel Staite...

Me too! I thought they were bringing it back! And then I was very disappointed. Sad
it appears to be turning out to be a very good show Exclamation i hope that it continues to be. does anyone share my opinion?
I tried the first few weeks to keep up with it... it's just too much work to remember all the subplots and characters. I hear it's doing very well when viewed with DVR and on-line, and I think you need to watch when you are in the mood, like a DVD. I am enjoying "V" it's similar in it's format but only about 4 subplots. Maybe I'm just too tired at the end of the day. "Community" is on against it, and it's much easier to watch in any mood.
I guess I'm just one of those people who bores quickly if there aren't a lot of characters and a lot of things going on. Seriously, more the merrier! Comedies like Community are great, but only after I've watched all my dramas proper.

I think Flashforward is doing well so far. Episodes 2-6 had me a little worried, but then episode 7 changed everything and episode 8 was another good one and I'm enjoying it again. And I don't care that the whole internet seems to enjoy bashing Dominic Monaghan, saying he can't pull off a good villain but I couldn't disagree more. I feel right now he's the most interesting character, and I can't wait to see how things with him play out. It almost makes up for the focus on Mark and Olivia's relationship, which I honestly couldn't care less about. Their drama makes me cringe.
It is still a great show!
I've been impressed with the show so far. Looking forward to its return in the new year
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