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Networking scanner help & directions.

Hey Guys,

I love this community, my constant computer problems always gets resolved here. Well here's another of my numerous problems.

I've got a USB scanner and would like to network it with the 3 computers I've got at home. All my computers run Windows XP Service Pack 2.

I've also got broadband with a modem called :"NetComm NB 1300 plus 4". It's a modem with 4 ethernet port and 1 USB port.

Now, is it possible to plug my scanner to the USB port of the modem and go from there; or do I connect the scanner on one of the computers and turn that computer on everytime someone wants to scan?

Anyway, with either method, I would need a step by step guide to how to do it. Thanks Guys.

You can't plug the scanner into the modem, as the USB port on the modem is for plugging into a computer (instead of using the Ethernet ports)

Also, I'm not sure that you can share a scanner through a network. I was trying to do the same thing myself (with a Lexmark X1150) and couldn't find any way to do it.


P.S [offtopic] Don't try upgrading the firmware on your modem, as it's known to cause problems (see ). I'm just telling you this because my friend tried to upgrade his, which caused it to start going really really slowly.

Thanks for the tip, at least, i'll wont go near mucking up my modem and trying to plug the scanner into it. That options out then.

More advice welcome.

First of all read this.

(It's about how Microsoft screwed-up in their Support for Windows XP, and it might prevent you from a lotta headaches when somebody tells you that, "Sure, you can share a scanner over a network - Microsoft says so!".)

Now, in order for you to find a way to successfully do this, you're going to have to do some reading - a lotta readin'.

You'll need to read Help files and support pages on websites in these links I'm giving you here.
Make sure whatever make/model of scanner you've got is supported by the software you're interested in.

There's a shareware program called PerfectScan and another one called ScanShare that might help you out. Then there's also the most popular program for this, Remote Scan.
But if I were you, I'd try to read up on user opinions with all of these programs before you decide to install one.

I've been doing some searching for you, and these seem most promising. (since they offer an evaluation version)

Arrow (Thus far, all I've found is shareware programs for network scanning.)

From what I can gather, you've gotta set up the computer that the scanner is physically attached to as a "scanning server", and all the other computers on the network will be designated as "clients" who receive the information from the server.

And although I'm no expert when it comes to networking and so forth, it seems to me that it's a matter of opening the right port for the scanner on the serving computer, and making that port viewable to other computers on the network. And I honestly don't understand why it's so damned difficult and esoteric to do this. Although the logistics are different, the process and idea seems incredibly similar to setting up a networked printer, which is fairly easy to do. I'm no whiz when it comes to these things, but it just seems that, logically, you should be able to do it by hand using a TCP/IP protocol and correctly mapping a port or two. I mean, from what I've learned by using a computer, everything attached to your computer has an address, right?
Eh, I dunno.
Just thinking out loud, I guess.

Ok, another possible option is something called a USB Server, which has it's downsides...
You must have drivers loaded for both the USB server and the devices attached to it on the computer you are using, and you must log into the server to use the devices on it.
Also, only one user can be connected to any particular device at any time.
Therefore, the scanner will be unusable by any other computers on your network at the time you’re using it.

Just remember, irregardless of whether you get network access to the scanner or not, somebody is gonna have to physically place whatever you want scanned on the scanning bed.
What I do with my setup is just scan what I want, then browse through the network to the computer/folder I wanna save the image file into.

Sorry I couldn't be of more useable help to you, Sunjay.

Thanks CrimsonStrange. You've opend up a lot of possibilities for me with all the links and information you wrote here. Thanks again for doing my 'homework'.

Thanks again.

Good Luck and Keep well

P.S: Microsoft, trust them to do anything right!!! As soon as I get a brand new hard drive, I'm installing Linux. I almost laughed when I read that link.

what type of printer do you have, brand and model number? Someone in the above postes was talking about a lexmark. I have a lexmark p6250 and it comes with it's own little program that has the ability to be shared. So if you want to share a lexmark printer/scanner set it up properly on one computer and than goto the other computer and choose to unstall a scanner, than chose network scanner and you should see the one you installed on the first computer, if you don't see it there are a couple of things to do, first make sure that the windows firewall is allowing scanner sharing and than check that your actual scanner is shared. If you have any problems let me know
Billy Hill
Nice post crim. Wink

One more thing, (it's pretty basic, but in case you haven't tried) when you connect the scanner to one computer, does it show up in My Computer? If so, right click and select either Sharing (if it's there) or Properties, and look for Sharing.

If you can't do that, see if you can assign it a network address and try to map it.

I'm just guessing. Good luck.
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