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Random weirdness

hey, this is my site at the mo...

don't be put off by the's not really that rude!!!

lemme know what you's only my first proper one..

take a look here too..

I'm gonna get a proper domain for it...but i want it to be perfect first!
not quite as exciting as the other one, but comments welcome!
The first site seems really random and useless. No offense. The second is mostly blank and uses frames..ugh. Neither is hosted on frihost. I think mods should check this post.
hahahahaha what the hell??
The second site? Ugh. Never use images as text, especially unoptimized images. Especially without alternate text for your images. The search engines will never find the site that way.
The first site is very offensive, I recommend you to remove it at once!
Gives me an impression that you are spamming.
ei the first is not should remove it.... Sad

you should not advertise something porn... Cool
Booo take them off the internet. That right there's some internet pollution!
woah, ok, you don't like it!

some ppl do, can't please everyone - sorry guys!

you can get them to delete this post if you find it offensive - that was never my intention, really, it's just a bit of fun.

i guess it's kind of personal, cause it's about my friends and stuff - i'm not really going for search engines to find it or anything, it's just a laugh. The porn den, btw, is the name my friend gave to my house - has nothing to do with real porn - honestly, i'm not trying to offend anyone - i was actually quite shocked by some of your replies and if anyone was insulted by it i'm really sorry. Sad Maybe someone could let me know specifically what they found offensive - i'll can remove things that put ppl off!

if you want to get the mods to delete this then do so, i don't mind! the reason i posted was cause i was thinking of transering to frihost which explains it not being hosted by them yet...i didin't see anywhere that this wasn't allowed...?

well, never mind eh? can't please everyone.
Is it Spam? Or is it a newbie just getting his feet wet? From the looks of things, I'd say latter. The use of frames is frowned upon by many They do give an easy, good layout scheme to page. For beginners it's a place to start.
Personally, I dislike the look and feel of your page. I find it to be mildly offensive and juvenile. Now if it was grossly offensive you might be on to something...
AS you said it's not for everyone. The Internet's a big place there's room for all. It's your first page and Good on ya!

Your coding and layout need work.

<title>The Porn Den Online</title>
<style type="text/css">body{color="FF0000"; font size="25"}</style>
<body bgcolor="000000">

The first style statement doesn't work. I get a black background with black type. Kind of hard to read.

<title>The Porn Den Online</title>

<style type="text/css">
    font size: 25;  --you might want to be a bit more specific about size by adding a unit
of measurement after the number, like
  font-size: 12pt;
  color: #FF0000;
  background-color: #000000;

Some of the pages have the font color set in the body tag. This, at least, works. The page 's a great place to start learning. Lots to clean up, lots to tweak. Work on consistency in your code. Try using a style sheet for colors and fonts at first, then as you learn add more to it. Try cleaning the code up to be compliant with the newest specs. By ding this you'll learn a hell of a lot quickly. if you're serious.
maybe as you go you'll develop some taste. (One can only hope)
Could go on to critique your code but it's obvious you're a bit new to this and for the first or
second page its OK. I suggest you take the page, do some reading and apply changes as you go. Don't buy any books, they're all sh*t anyway. There is plenty of information on the net for free. Start at and as you go, your page will take on new depth and functionality.

Nice set of tits n the first page, the site has absolutely no porn i could see. If someone is disturbed by a small pic of breasts on the fist page it's probably best they stay out of your site; a good litmus test. But to criticize the site for being about porn? Ignorance is no excuse for shooting your mouth off. Look before you speak.
thank you!

that's exactly the kind of criticism i'm looking for!

i know my html is mostly rubbish, this is my very first attempt and i was learning as i did it so it kind of changed and got pretty messy.

thanks for your comments - v helpful.

(btw...i'm a her!)

Your sites are ok...
But on the 1st one, I could hardly read the red on the black background (could just be my computer though...)
And on the 2nd one you should remove the frame-border on the iframe.
And also, make the content a bit smaller so there is no horizontal scrollbar (it will fit anyway) Very Happy
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