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Tucumcari, NM --- what are your thoughts?

Tucumcari, New Mexico. It can be found on a map along the I-40 near the eastern edge of New Mexico. One might wonder what a small town like this one is like.

For us, we meant to pass through and go to Texas in our RV. We broke down just east of Tucumcari instead with cracked head gaskets that costed us over $5000 to fix. And yes, we feel that we were taken advantage of by the service center that repaired our RV.

When we were first checking out Tucumcari, we thought, "what a cute little town." It was quiet, not a whole lot of traffic, and felt that we could make an okay income here while we recover from the financial drain we experienced from the RV repair. Although we made a few friends, we began to learn more and more about the town and how dark and depressing it has become over the years.

Once upon a time, Tucumcari was a thriving little town along Route 66. It was a happy and exciting time. When Route 66 died as a result of the Interstate, some of the life started to drain away from the town. It still had life, though. However, once the trucking and railroad industry moved away from the town, then that's when the life drained away from the town. It became more and more depressing. And then we learned that several people had started "new lives" in Tucumcari, because they had broken down and hadn't been able to leave since.

We were there for 3 months before we couldn't stand it anymore and just had to take a chance that our RV was okay. Thankfully it was fine, and we were able to move on.

Other than fast food joints, a few historical stops along old Route 66, and a college with a Wind Technology degree program, there isn't much going on for Tucumcari. And I only say fast food joints, because it's where most of the town's business is at since drivers on I-40 will stop for a quick bite.

Has anyone been to Tucumari? Anyone lived there for a period of time? What are your thoughts? When we have talked to travelers about our RV story and where we broke down, they give us these sad eyes and say, "oh, I'm so sorry!" Funny thing is that I inspired a co-worker I used to work with in Tucumcari to actually move away after my family and I moved away in our RV. We do miss the friends we made there, however.

So to close. Tucumcari is an okay place to visit, but beware if you break down there! I wouldn't want to make a home there.
I have never been to Tucumcari, New Mexico and I'd never even heard of it before but as it's on Route 66 I bet a lot of people get their kicks in the town. If I had more time to spare I'm sure I could come up with a good anagram of Tucumari NM, but happily I have better things to do ...
There are a lot of towns along Route 66, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they all get their "kicks". In fact, you could probably hear your own echo down the street with everything that's closed up. The town reminds me of Radiator Springs from the movie "Cars".
Never heard of it
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