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Ashes 2009

Two days to go.... England in a very strong position... (Australia need to score 546 to win the match, England need 10 wickets).

So, a draw is very unlikely as the weather is forecast to be good.

After 20 overs, Australia have made a good start, and got to 80-0.... Can they break all the records, and retain the Ashes.... or will England be celebrating....

I'm hopefully for England... but we need a few wickets to regain the confidence..
very dissapointing result Sad Ricky Ponting becomes the first aussie captain to lose the ashes twice

Australia made a BAD decision not playing a spinner for the last test...why play Stuart Clarke if you arnet going to bowl him???? Not saying Hauritz is the best spinner ever, but, hes better than nothing

Australia is in for a long run of not great results
woah. Ricky ponting was the first person in Australia to lose the Ashes twice? Didn't know that. Is that how good we are? lol. Kool. Yeah shame we lost.
I enjoyed the result Smile The run out of Ponting and then Clarke was crucial....

If I understood correctly, Ponting isn't THE FIRST, but the first in recent history - the last one was back in the 1890's

I don't know if that says more about Aussie dominance, or that if their captain loses the Ashes, he is more often replaced before the next ones.

So now we have 20-20 and one day internationals.... personally I don't care for this... I would rather have a longer test match series....

I know a lot of people like 1 day games.... but there is (IMHO) nothing like a fully competitive test series.

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