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Lab Puppy!

I got a full blooded lab puppy, she was 6 weeks old when I got her. Now she is around 5 months old, and like any other lab puppy, she loves to chew on everything!

I have tried to train her to not chew, but nothing works. She is very smart and has done well with all of her other training. Anyone have any good ideas? HELP PLEASE! I am tired of finding all of my stuff with holes in it!

Thanks in advance!
Maybe you should keep your stuff away from her, and make sure she does not get to be in your room. Maybe she should have her own space, perhaps a large cage of a kind? Possibly late now, as she has got used to her freedom. Alternatively I would find stuff that she can chew on, perhaps consult a dog trainer as to what she prefers to chew on, and get that for her. I don't think your problem is unique, and a dog trainer or maybe even pet shop will be able to advise you about labs and what works for chewing.
Deanhills is right that crate training will help. She's not too old to start using a crate. The chewing probably occurs when unsupervised like in the middle of the night or while home alone.

Also if she is not spayed yet she will come into her first season soon. That will amplify her misbehaiviors.
1: Get her chew toys that are appropriate to chew on... dogs, especially puppies need to chew. If she doesn't like those, get rawhide 'bones'.

2: Get some very spicy hot sauce, and spread it on things she likes to chew, but shouldn't. Dogs HATE that taste, and it'll help a lot. Depending on the surface, you might have to re-apply it occasionally. Yes, the sauce might mess stuff up, but it won't hurt your stuff as much as puppy chewing will.

3: If you catch her doing it, drop the hammer. At least yell very angrily and very loudly, right away. If you've done it right, she should run away in terror. It isn't very nice, but after just a few times of doing that, she'll figure it out, and know that you don't want her chewing on stuff. Every time that happens, make sure to give her one of the acceptable chew toys once she calms down, so she knows that it's still ok to chew on those.

4: Crate training is very good for puppies... They need a 'den' of their own, and they'll quickly begin to enjoy their crate. (Though they will cry and whine at first- that's because they're lonely and in an unfamiliar box. Once they get used to that, they start to like the box and consider it their den.)
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