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Mass Effect 2

So, Mass Effect 2 is coming out in first quarter of 2010. What are your thoughts? I'm glad to see that Bioware is still behind the game, which means we can probably expect a good storyline. I wonder how demanding of a PC will be needed to play the sequal, or if it will be similar to the first.
Since it's not coming out for the PS3, I'm probably just going to play it on my friend's hacked 360. He gets all his games for free and invites me over to try out some games from time to time.
Bumped this becuase I just beat Mass Effect 2 today. I found the game was a great improvement over the first one and really enjoyed playing it.

Also it looks like Mass Effect 2 will come out for the PS3 in January. Long time to make a port, but the PS3 version is running on a new graphics engine thats being used for Mass Effect 3. Luckly for PS3 owners, I read that Mass Effect 3 will come out on both consoles at the same time around the holidays of 2011 and there are hints that there will be a multilayer element to it.
Mass Effect 3 trailer is up.

I'm really excited about it.
tingkagol wrote:
Mass Effect 3 trailer is up.

I'm really excited about it.

Aren't we all! Smile
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