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New! Yahoo! Mail Beta

The new Yahoo! Mail Beta powered by Oddpost has just been released to a very limited number of Beta testers (including those Oddpost subscribers previously selected to opt-in), new features include an offline mail client-like interface, tabbed windows (no pop-ups), cascaded menus and toolbars.

Check out the screenshots

This is the login screen:

The default interface after you logged in:

Click on an e-mail and there, you can preview it, well what's what a mail reader supposed to do right?

Double-click on it, there, it's opened in a new tab!

... opens the mail in a new seperate window! Amazing... Another click puts it back as a tab again:

This is what the compose screen looks like, and yep Oddpost lovers, the Subject-O-Matique's still there and got alot more new e-mail ideas for you this time!

This is the file attachment window...

Intutive search:

If you want to join for beta testing visit But it is open only for users from U.S. and with a .com yahoo address. Maybe some digit member form US wants to join.

Also release dates have not been fixed.
And now, good news Yahoo Mail work with Internet Explorer 7 without saying you must upgrade to Internet Explorer 6
jvachez wrote:
And now, good news Yahoo Mail work with Internet Explorer 7 without saying you must upgrade to Internet Explorer 6

Finally, that was a big nusance, and ie 7 all of a sudden kept having to close because of some errors so i unistalled it and went back to ie 6, i guess i'll get it when its no longer beta, anyways where can i see bigger picks of the yahoo beta mail?

Thanks Very Happy
Probably by signing up for Yahoo!Mail, dcshoes23 Razz!!.
I also use the Yahoo!Mail Beta ever since it was released and I gotta tell you I love it.
I hope that they also upgrade all other mail functions like the Options page and the Notepad thing...They are still in the old version.
Only the mail and the contacts parts are upgraded at this moment.
But the new layout is great Smile.

Lookin good...
I really hate that
very hi resource busy ,as use it
and bugs & ...

I prefer gmail & even MS live mailbeta shape & functionality

I'm still confuse using the new Yahoo Mail. The old one is better for me, its easy to use. New Yahoo Mail is similiar with Microsoft Outlook.
On my computer, new yahoo mail beta is very very slow. Also they do not support Safari browser.
I have use it some days ago. It seems slow than the prious one, and I can't find the notebook link Smile.
I have switched to the old version.
I love the look and feel of Yahoo! mail beta but as with every Beta it still has some flaws. Like sometimes the message preview is unable to load and some of my mails attachments too were not accessible with the new Yahoo mail.
And also for editing some mail options you are switched to the regular Yahoo mail.

Any way it is good thing everyone is migrating towards a better appeal to the eye and ease of use.
I have converted to the beta version of yahoo mail and its really look nicer over its older version now but as its still beta sometimes i do experience some loging problems and i think you have to download the new IE to be compatible with the new Yahoo mail beta because its just not working fine with the old IE.
All of the new register on Yahoo! can use this New Beta. I using it about two months ago.
i didnt like the uploading feature... one file at a time... what a waste of time... seating and uploading one by one...

i really liked the old technique where u can upload multiple files at once... Sad
The new yahoo mail is working fine with me, just like an application. no delays, perhaps because of the fast connection. but i don't really care about the looks anyway. im after the functionality.
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