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More traffic to You site or blog

I made a little site for those who desperately need visitors to their site or blog (like me).

Its like traffic exchanging but its not .
isetegija wrote:
I made a little site for those who desperately need visitors to their site or blog (like me).

Its like traffic exchanging but its not .

nice idea but your site needs massive improvement in its layout
What's exactly so wrong about the layout ?
I kinda like it as it is and its works.
the page looks like some school project. Please improve it. Good web designs always invite better conversion of visitors to customers. Your homepage does no give a very good impression. I ca help if you want.
It looks like that because I don't use any ready platforms like WordPress , joomla or blogger .
I coded it by myself from a blank page without knowing anything about PHP ,CCS or MySQL (and I am to lazy and old to start study them ).
And I know I have too many ads there.
Of course I am open to any help if somebody is willing to help me.

Design aside , what about the concept of this page ?
Ghost Rider103
Your website does not have to be in some sort of CMS for it to look nice.

After all, just about every Wordpress or Joomla design starts out in a basic html/css or php layout. Then it is integrated into a CMS.

Your exact website could be put into a CMS as is without the looks of it changing at all.

So just because a website has a CMS or doesn't, does not reflect on how the design of the website will look.

Anyways, I agree with the others, you need to make some big improvements. At the moment it is very plain. The layout doesn't look like it had much thought put into it either.

But anyways, design aspect of the website put aside. The concept of this page is poor. The page is extremely long, has many ads, and your main points are not standing out as well as they should be.

For example, the text "Getting visitors to a blog or website is important for every webmaster." is perfectly fine how it is. However the text below it is in the same font and style. The text below it needs to be of a smaller font (12pt is fine), and also should NOT be bold. Doing this will help bring out the main point. The title is the only thing that really needs to have big and bold letters. If you have a lot of other writing big and bold, your main points/titles will not stand out much.

Well there is many other things I could point out, but I would be here typing all night.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Good luck!
that sounds interesting, however, I want to ask a question: how do you profit from such traffic source, as i see this, though you got traffic in return, this is not targeted traffic at all, so, by getting this kind of traffic, i could see the only benefit is to increase your alexa ranking, other than that, i can't think of anything else, any suggestions?
To Ghost Rider103:
Thanks for constructive criticism and taking the time to type .
You rite , I didn't put much thought in to layout. But its not extremely long , its not a website exactly , its a page of a blog and its much shorter then most blogs I have seen.
I like bold and big letters , its easier to reed when using monitor whit big resolution ( its good enough I didn't use Caps Lock when typing).
And I don't have so much text there to the "main point" getting lost to.

To distantship:
Mostly I to it for fun of getting traffic and I think any visitor is better then no visitors.
For my so called blog that I started March 2 2009 I have average per day 352 visitors , can be seen here and for that specific page 3300 visitors in a first month here
For add systems that I use ( and the page views are important.
Alexa do not know how to rank my site , because I have domain what is free for every Estonian citizen. My alexa traffic rank is 13,952

I did know that I am not the first who think of that .
I got offer to buy shuts list of 25 000 blogs for (if I remember correctly) $49.
You may can add heading and subheading and content in differnt font size. About the idea, it is new to me. You can try another layout and see how it reflects in your site performance
I'm sure the idea should be great. Please don't shout on me, but I could not grasp the concept. Even after reading your whole page I could not figure out what I should do. Dio I need to put a shout box in my site too to participate your program or I need to drop a shout on that shout box? I'm sorry, I'm dummy head.
To shkhanal
No , You to not have to install shout box to Your site , but it would be helpful.
You do not even need to link back to my page, but I would be very grateful.
In order to receive traffic , only that you have to do is click on one list and wait when 10 tabs opens.
One out of ten of these are paid advertisements, or my other site. Nine are active shoutboxsurfers.
After that its up to You what message You leave to each shout box to make others to want visit Your site. And when they on Your site its again up to You to make them want to stay and come back.
A good and useful content are key words here.
If you've completed the first list , You move to the next list , and so on.

I have been busy with my Essence of Woodwork blog and haven't used it myself much , but I try to keep in lists only most active shoutboxsurfers.
Nice Idea Smile

But to be honest I didn't realy like when u click on the link all the sites just popped up I think you should link to them instead so people can just wich site to go too, but that's just me. And as other people has pointed out the design could use some improvement.
So I went to your website. The concept is nice and all, but I clicked on one of the numbered links and had all these popups appear. The thing that immediately drove me away from it is that my virus scanner did not like some of your links and suggested I abort the attempt to connect to some sites. Anyhow, unfortunately, that event in combination with the layout are enough to make people leave your site. I like your idea of increasing traffic flow, but I don't want to risk getting a virus from sites that I don't know.
Thank you very much for informing me !
The problem has been found and the infected blog removed.

This is not my fault, on the Internet as well as in real life, there are infections and sometimes someone can be infected.
All the sites were clean when I added them to the lists.
Its more difficult to manage and keep the sites healthy. In this world where there are lots of spammers, you need to keep on analyzing and fishing out the dirty ones. Good work.
so hard to get traffic!
Good idea and nice work, however, just improve the looks, and keep more security! Also, some of "unresponsive scripts" slow down my machine and very annoyed!

Thank you very much for sharing. Smile

I tried improve the appearance of my site a little bit.

I moved it to WordPress platform and removed all unnecessary from the theme.

Is it a little better now

The old version can be seen here
ya its better than your old design template...
gee thanks!!!
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