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I love her even though she's hideous (poem)

So as an English assignment I had to choose a spakespearian love sonnet and change it into my own. Having that said I still had to keep the main idea of the sonnet. I chose the famous sonnet 'My Mistress’s Eyes are nothing Like the Sun’.

'My own version of ‘My Mistress’s Eyes are nothing Like the Sun’

My girl doesn’t sing like a goddess with perfect melody
Tone of a professionally designed song far better toned than the sound of her voice
When you cook dinner for me every night, the taste of the meal is tragedy
I far more prefer the taste of 3 minute instant noodles but I have no choice

If the hair of a goddess flows like the ocean breeze
Then my girl’s hair flows with the force of a hurricane
Lip gloss far more tasteful than the taste of her lips be the taste of sneeze
Peace is what we dream long of, though you are not peace one day of the month, you are insane

If a goddess' scent be sweet and pleasant
Your scent overwhelms my nose with the smell of fresh diarrhea
If shoes be your fashion statement
Then the shoes you wear are in the protozoan era

Though my love for you seems impossible, what’s impossible becomes fantastic
It’s not fair to compare you to such beauty, you are real and not plastic

What do you guys n' gals think?
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