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I just return from a Hamburg trip.
I have 8Gb of pictures and movies and I want to share it with you.
I've started a new blog and if yoyu are interested to see pictures, click on
Just 10 -12 pictures now, the target is more than 100. (I will upload couple of pictures a day).

this are real very great pictures of Hamburg.
I am already glad on more.

Hamburg is – with some distance – the worldwide third-biggest musical location to New York and London and counted in 2007 two million musical visitors. The Stage entertainment maintains with the operetta house TUI, the new flora and the theatre in the harbour three bigger musical theatres with a visitor's capacity between 1400 (operetta house) and in 2030 (theatre in the harbour) to places as well as a musical school. The construction of the fourth theatre with 1700 places is planned for 2010 in the harbour city. There there come the numerous smaller stages as for example the Saint Pauli Theater on which particularly own-produced musicals and guest performances are played.

Beginning of the development of the musical town was the Deutschlandpremie of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Cats (1986-2001). Further ran through many years very successfully The phantom of the opera, Buddy Holly (till the end of 2005), dance of the vampires (till January, 2006) and Mamma Mia! (till September, 2007). To the topical productions belong The king of the lions in the theatre in the harbour, Tarzan since August, 2008 in the new flora and I still never was in New York which is played since December, 2007 in the operetta house.
MUST SEE in Hamburg:

- City Hall (it has about 650 rooms) and Town Hall Square

- Elbe, passing just beside the Town Hall Square

- Spitalerstrasse and Moenckebergstrasse - here you'll find everything you want in terms of shopping. From central station, cross the boulevard in front of the station and you get the Spitalerstrasse. On the right to find a bookstore named Thalia. If you're passionate about books, here you will find everything you want (I found a book of engineering they are looking for a year in all libraries). At the end of a Spitalerstrasse is a Burger King. Left street is Moenckebergstrasse.

- Saturn - the paradise of "electro-child": 6 floors of electronic "toys". Is located near Hauptbanhoff.

- The harbour - you must take a boat trip, you will not regret. If you are max. 5 people, you can buy a group ticket for around 9 euros. This ticket allow you to travel all day by all type of transportation (bus, train, boat).

- The harbour Fishmarkt - Saturday morning. Although called fishmarkt, you can find more than fish there. Smile

I will return with more informations. Smile
Properly. I find the Hamburg city hall especially great.
More than 100,000 people from all over the world visit yearly the Hamburg city hall - for good reason: It is one of the most impressive parliament and government buildings in Germany. For over 100 years it is a seat of citizens (parliament) and senate (government).
The Hamburg city hall is one of few completely preserved examples of the Historismus in Germany. The dreiflügelige granite and sandstone construction owns a 111-metre-wide facade with a 112-metre-high middle tower. The roof is kupfergedeckt. The excellent combination of Italian and North German Renaissance elements in the facade generates a harmonious whole effect. Twenty kings and emperors of the old German empire, from Karl to the tallness to Franz II stand between the window niches on the city hall market side. About the monarch the representations of the middle-class virtues sit enthroned in the middle tower; wisdom, unity, bravery and devoutness. It is no chance that the middle-class virtues about the emperors are arranged. Their position symbolises the freedom of the city of Hamburg compared with the crown, because Hamburg was no imperial city, but a Hanseatic town. Besides, about the main entrance a mosaic which shows the Hamburg national allegory Hammonia is.

Super-duper I also find the Hamburg harbour.
The Hamburg harbour is an open tide harbour, with a surface of 7.236 hectares biggest in Germany and after the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp third-biggest in Europe. With his four containers of terminal it is to Rotterdam the second largest container port of Europe and the eleven biggest one of the earth. In 2008 140.4 million tonnes of goods were turned, of it 95.1 million tonnes in containers, this corresponded to a unit of 9.7 million standard containers. Beside the movement of goods the Hamburg harbour is a location for commercial processing, in particular of the mineral oil industry and for the shipbuilding. In addition, since 2006 he is used increasingly as a port of call for cruise ships.
The origins of the Hamburg harbour lie in the 9th century. As the official foundation date is valid the 7th of May, 1189 which is celebrated every year in the harbour birthday. From the middle of the 19th century he was extended with numerous harbour basins and wharfs up to his today's size, since the 1970s he finds out by the rising application of the containers during the merchant ship journey a massive restructuring in the professional life like in the land utilisation. The harbour is administered by Hamburg port Authority which has arisen in 2005 from the office for stream and harbour construction. She is at the same time an owner of the prevailing part of the harbour properties.
I returned with more information about Hamburg (places to see):

- Reeperbahn - have you been told about it, I guess. Smile Full of good Ukrainian beauties (I think Ukraine have a mold for good women) and pretty much everything you want in terms of sex industry (xxx cinemas, sexy club sites, sex shops, etc.)

- Lake of the center, it's impossible not to see it if you get in the Town Hall area

- The Miniatures Exhibition in the old town - it's incredible how they managed to make it all work in tandem - cars, trains, traffic lights, etc... It's a show that deserves the money and all the waiting (20 euros, and around one hour of waiting in the queue)

- St Nicholas Church and exhibition dedicated to the Second World War (in 1943 Hamburg was the target of your operation Gomorrah - an on-site to see details). You have to go up the elevator in the tower. It costs 2.70 euros and from 170m above above the ground you'll get a super view over Hamburg.
Hamburg has more than 60 theatres, more than 100 music clubs, about 60 museums, about 280 music publishers and 200 sound carrier enterprises. Moreover, live and work in Hamburg more than 10,000 independent artists. There are nearly 30 cinemas and repertory cinemas. More than 10.3 million visitors the Hamburg cultural authority alone counted for the events which were promoted publicly. 4.2 million visitors counted the theatrical stages of the town in the season 2005/2006. Hamburg is with 2383 theatergoers 1000 inhabitants leading in Germany and lies even after deduction of the musical visitors before the following countries Bremen (921) and Berlin (907).
Hamburg is – with some distance – the worldwide third-biggest musical location to New York and London and counted in 2007 two million musical visitors. The Stage entertainment maintains with the operetta house TUI, the new flora and the theatre in the harbour three bigger musical theatres with a visitor's capacity between 1400 (operetta house) and in 2030 (theatre in the harbour) to places as well as a musical school. The construction of the fourth theatre with 1700 places is planned for 2010 in the harbour city. [31] There there come the numerous smaller stages as for example the Saint Pauli Theater on which particularly own-produced musicals and guest performances are played.

Beginning of the development of the musical town was the Germany premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webbers Cats (1986-2001). Further ran through many years very successfully The phantom of the opera, Buddy Holly (till the end of 2005), dance of the vampires (till January, 2006) and Mamma Mia! (till September, 2007). To the topical productions belong The king of the lions in the theatre in the harbour, Tarzan since August, 2008 in the new flora and I still never was in New York which is played since December, 2007 in the operetta house.
Hamburg (pronounced /ˈhæmbɜrɡ/; German pronunciation: [ˈhambʊʁk], local pronunciation [ˈhambʊɪç] Low German/Low Saxon: Hamborg [ˈhambɔːx]) is the second-largest city in Germany (after Berlin)[2] and the eighth-largest city in the European Union.[3] The city is home to approximately 1.8 million people, while the Hamburg Metropolitan Region (including parts of the neighboring Federal States of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein) has more than 4.3 million inhabitants. The port of Hamburg is the second-largest port in Europe (after that of Rotterdam), and the ninth-largest in the world.

Hamburg's official name is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (German: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg).[4] It makes reference to Hamburg's history as a member of the medieval Hanseatic League, as a free imperial city of the Holy Roman Empire, and also to the fact that Hamburg is a city-state and one of the sixteen States of Germany.

Hamburg is a major transportation hub in Northern Germany. It has become a media and industrial center, with factories such as Airbus, Blohm + Voss and Aurubis. The radio and television broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk and publishers such as Gruner + Jahr and Spiegel-Verlag represent the important media industry in Hamburg. In total there are more than 120,000 enterprises. The city is a major tourist destination both for domestic and overseas visitors, receiving about 7.7 million overnight stays in 2008.[5]
The open air and Hanseatic town Hamburg (Low German Hamborg [ˈhamb ɔːχ]) is as a town state a federal state of the Federal Republic of Germany and with just 1.8 million inhabitants the second largest town of Germany, seventh largest of the European Union as well as the biggest town which is not a capital one of her member states.

After the first documentary mention in the 7th century Hamburg was one of the birthplaces of the Hanse, by his contract with Lübeck in 1241. Hamburg is an important industrial location and commercial location. The commercial relevance of the town is worldwide in the Metropolregion Hamburg, one of a total of eleven European Metropolregionen in Germany, the position of the harbour, as second largest in Europe and 8 biggest, and as one of the most important media locations in Germany.

With more than four million visitors Hamburg is yearly one of the most attractive tourism magnets in Germany. [4] to the tourist sighting belong the Hamburg city centre with the Inner Alster, the Hamburg harbour with the Saint Pauli-Landungsbrücken, Saint Pauli with the „sinful mile“ Reeperbahn and the known Hamburg buildings like the landmark Michel, in addition, temporary events and events like the harbour birthday, Altonaer fish market, the Hamburg cathedral and the Schlagermove. As a worldwide third-biggest musical location musicals are as for example The king of the lions important approach point. Same is valid for more than 60 theatres and more than 60 museums of the town, but also for internationally known galleries like the Hamburg arts centre and the Bucerius art forum. Important fairs, how hanseboot or the INTERNORGA draw visitor also like the football matches of the Hamburger SV and the FC Saint Pauli. Hamburg is also valid as a sports town because beside the bicycle runnings of the Vattenfall Cyclassics, the international German masteries in the tennis also the German jumping derby are delivered and Hamburg-Marathon takes place.
Hamburg lies in North Germany with the mouth of the Alster and the Bille in the Elbe which flows 110 km farther northwesterly into the North Sea. On the Elbe the tide harbour applies possibly from the Veddel to Finkenwerder, primarily on the south shore of the Northern Elbe, compared with the parts of town Saint Pauli and Altona. Both shores are connected by the Elbbrücken in the east as well as by the old person and new Elbtunnel. The country to the south and to the north the river is a geest, higher situated surfaces which have originated from the sandy depositions and stone depositions of the glaciers during the ice ages. The marshes immediately lying on the river became on both sides of the Elbe for centuries from branches of the Elbe passed through and from the flood water of the North Sea floods and sand and sludge have deposited. In the meantime, the Elbe is on both sides eingedeicht, branches were drained, diverted, canalised or abgedeicht. Old dyke arrangements remind in the outside places still of the time when quarters whole with high water were underwater. The highest elevation is with 116.2 m above sea level of the Hasselbrack in a north runner of the Harburger mountains.

The Alster is dammed up in the city centre to an artificial lake. This divides the surrounded Inner Alster in the bigger Outer Alster lake and the smaller, from the historical core of the town. The influxes to the Alster like the Alster are canalised in the city partly. They are lined mostly by vast public parks. The numerous canals, rivulets and canals of the town are spanned by more than 2500 bridges. this number also contains buildings like light sign arrangements or rail spanning directions. [ Hamburg is with it the town richest in bridge of Europe and has more bridges than Venice (400), Amsterdam (1200) and London together. Far away is unknown against the fact that in Hamburg city the biggest river island – the part of town Wilhelm's castle – as well as one of the last tide meadow woods of Europe is.

Hamburg borders in the north on Schleswig - Holstein and in the south in Lower Saxony. Up to some smaller "area settlements", how the acquisition of the island new work and field parts with the control work Geesthacht, pass the today's borders of the city of Hamburg since Hamburg-Gesetz which came into force on the 1st of April, 1937. The town is to Berlin from her number of inhabitants as well as from her surface the second largest town of Germany.
Hamburg offers its general and vocational schools, special schools such as the special Sprachheilschule and 17 universities. In 2006, reported in Hamburg 167.306 pupils in 245 primary schools and 195 secondary schools.

On the border between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein created the European X-ray laser project XFEL. DESY for the XFEL based on superconducting technology designed the 3.3 km long particle accelerator. The free-electron laser for X-rays (XFEL stands for X-ray free-electron laser) will accelerate electrons to very high energies and bring then to emit high-intensity X-ray flashes. The unique X-ray flashes of the XFEL will open up completely new experimental possibilities in materials research. 2009 is due to start its construction, commissioning is planned for 2013.

Hamburg has two schools where the future musical performers will be trained - the "Stage School of Music, Dance and Drama" and for "Stage Entertainment" owned by Joop van den Ende Academy.
Lady Elensar
Cool! At the moment I am organizing a hitchhiking contest to Hamburg. (From the Netherlands.) Good to know all this sightseeing's and facts about Hamburg! Very Happy
With their flair and maritime charm Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The "Gateway to the world" - as the port city on the Elbe is also often called - offers its guests pure city life, with unique shopping, cultural, as well as natural experiences.
Special highlight a visit to Hamburg, the Grand Harbour Cruise, which starts at the jetties. It's best to inquire in advance by phone when your visit, the tour goes through the warehouse district, for not any tide, the barges can pass through there - and that would be a pity. On the drive itself there's the master for any amount of entertaining information to the port.

From here it is only a stone's throw to the Old Elbe Tunnel - for a "different walk" under the river through. From the other side of the yard island Steinwerder out, you can then enjoy the incomparable Elbpanorama overlooking the harbor edge, Michel and the Windjammer Rickmers - one of three museum ships in the harbor, whose visit is only recommended.

Who the view of the ships may not be enough, now they once again viewed from above: The 132 meter high tower of St. Michaelis, the "Michel", is the landmark of the Hanseatic city. His platform offers a terrific view of Hamburg and the port. If you are not in the harbor tour came through the warehouse district, you can go instead of a Michel-visit the historical memory admired on foot!
A very popular recreational destination for hamburgers in the parts of the city in the center of town is the city park in Winterbourne. On sunny weekends, looking for more than 100,000 hamburgers recovery.

The city park is not only used in the sun. Many facilities provide the opportunity for sport, for pleasure or culture to culinary pleasure.

The city is also a popular park meadow turned into a soccer field. In the week will find several fields marked with bars or sweaters. Here in the evening is always a group can weren mitgekickt in the.

In Stadtparksee betriebt the spa country of one of the few natural pools in Hamburg. Adults found for 2.50 euros and 1.30 euros for youth recreation. In addition to the Alster, the city park one of the most popular running routes in Hamburg.

Behind the city park stage is the gym of the Harvestehuder Tennis and Hockey Club (HTHC). On 17 tennis courts and two hockey pitches, the members of the association are active sport here. The Jahn Kampfbahn behind the planetarium can be used for football and athletics. More Grand soccer fields are located on the north side of City Park (playground New World).
tdossi wrote:
A very popular recreational destination for hamburgers

Sorry, but I must ask if the residents of Hamburg really address themselves as Hamburgers? If not, could someone please let me know the proper form?
Well this is awesome.
its really good one.
HafenCity and Warehouse District
Whether the historic warehouse complex in the Warehouse District, the Elbe Philharmonic under construction or large passenger ships at the cruise investors - are in the district HafenCity it right on the same lot to do.
Address: 20457 Harbor City
Public Transportation:
U3 Baumwall
6 bus stop Marco Polo Terraces, public transport timetable information
Parking: Parking garage warehouse district, by a Sandtorkai 6
Warehouse district and port city: growing together the last few years, what belongs together since 2008 as an administrative district.
While the historic warehouse district has long been impressed by the Hamburg city with its neo-Gothic brick architecture, is the development area of the port city on the harbor modern accents.
Have just read on several internet sites that the Hamburg Marathon on 22 May 2011 refers. There is also a new title sponsor: Haspa - Marathon (that Hamburger Sparkasse).
The shift did indeed necessary because even the Frühjahrsdom this time goes to Easter 2011 (to 25.04.) and stops the traditional date of the Hamburg Marathon (occupancy Heiligengeistfeld). A week later, there are the 1 May-demos and the following weekend, the piers are occupied because of the port's birthday.
So now the date 4 weeks after the usual deadline.
42,195 km through the streets of Hamburg - the great Hamburg Marathon is one of the largest and the most significant events of the Hamburg sporting year. More than 20,000 gymnasts and starter have established the run in the top ten marathons in the world. Hundreds of thousands of fans at the track make for a huge party on the way to Elbchaussee Barmbek!

For over 20 years, the Hamburg Marathon, the eclectic mix that now characterizes so many sporting events. Professionals and amateurs to go together to the start.
Hamburg is built on the waterfront. The port, waterways and canals and the Alster give the city a unique atmosphere. The Port of Hamburg is the second largest seaport in Europe and is among the nine largest container ports in the world: Annually, more than eight million containers handled.

What sounds like a desolate industrial site, but is a real haven "to touch" and one of the most popular attractions in Germany. It smells of freedom and to distant countries. Anyone who at the piers stood, white, why Hamburg is the "Gateway to the World "means.

Almost every visitor to see the harbor in Hamburg for the first time from the piers or the fish market - but much more expansive view of (and imposing the feeling) when you experience one of our harbor tours. Experience close the "big pots"to touch!
The Port of Hamburg is by far the largest in Germany and one of the leading Seegüterumschlagplätze the world. This is the gateway to markets in North, Central and Eastern Europe, the bridge between the continent and overseas, and one of the most important international port for container traffic.

Only about 100 km from the sea port in the same for the largest of the giant container available, up to 18 containers stacked next to each other.

The passenger terminal care with a handling capacity of 2,500 TEU (= 20 ft unit with a loading capacity of around 20 tonnes) in less than 24 hours that the container ships can leave the port within a day. About 36 million tons of bulk cargo are handled in the Port of Hamburg: from oil to coal to minerals up to, as well as cereals, oil seeds, animal feed, fertilizer ... and much more.

The Port of Hamburg is one of the most important paper trading centers of Europe, the largest market for pharmaceutical raw materials - and also the largest commercial carpet and storage center in the world is in the free port of Hamburg, to name just a few superlatives. And do not forget: Hamburg is the biggest import port for coffee and one of the leading spice trading centers in the world. Raw cocoa for the transit port of Hamburg is number one in Europe.
Funny I have only come across this topic now about my home town.

There is nothing much to add to what tdossi has already copied from various internet sources. Rolling Eyes I will try nevertheless:

- Lots of cultural offers, ranging from arthouse cinemas over exhibitions and museums to opera houses etc.
- lots of business variety in town, from the bustling harbour ranging to a vibrant media scene
- tolerant people as Hamburg has a history as a trading town, so it has a long tradition of treating foreigners with respect
- nice culture of understatement. You will find many millionaires in Hamburg but very few Ferraris. Hamburgers have a good tradition not to put their wealth on display - at least not as much as in other German regions or other countries
- underground scene available with own pirate radio channel, arts people etc.
- lots of greenery and water

The only thing that really sucks is the weather, especially in winter when temperatures go down to just above freezing. Also there is always a bit of a breeze and some precipitation.

Oh, and Hamburgers do call themselves Hamburgers...
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