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Problems with my new glasses (medical)


I lost my glasses and I went to buy others. I hadn't the old prescription with me so I did a new consultation. I had and I have myopia + astigmatism.
I had only two pair of glasses in my life, I have some questions and I need some help:

1. Why, in two years, for one eye myopia stalled, for the second eye is increased from -0.25 to -1?
2. I don't know how that -1 value was taken but now, after 6 hours of wearing the glasses and 2 weeks without them at all, I realize that looking with no lens and through the lens, the objects seen with the lens "on" seem a little small than when I look at them without lens. Why?
3. Why I have small dizziness (just a feeling, not enough to lose my balance) and small headaches? How long could be the re-adaptation period to wear new glasses? (I repeat: 2 weeks I didn't have it - and it was very hard).
This problems appears only if I look with both eyes through the lenses. If close one eye at the time, the glasses are perfect.

I don't understand how it can be possible? one eye is the same as 2 years ago, the other one evolved from -0,25 to -1?

I am 31 years old.
While I'm not a health professional and haven't this problem myself, I happen to have and astigmatic and a myopic (-4) in a family and can relate.

My astigmatic family member has headaches all the time when he is using eyeglasses, but no worsening in decades. My family myopic's vision digressed rapidly, then abruptly stopped and no changes whatsoever for years.

If you are uncomfortable with new prescription glasses, I tend to believe that something is wrong either with new prescription or in communications between optometrist and optician (? - who makes lenses).

Why: few days ago I received my first eyeglasses, specifically requested to be made for computer use at the distance of the stretched arm. When prescription was filled, optometrist understood that perfectly and made measurements for that distance.

Resulting eyeglasses are suitable only for a reading distance, 35 cm or so. In my simple case, I can't suspect my eyes, for a some reason they made eyeglasses for different distance.
Now I'm in the same situation as you are: money are already spent, opticians will not work for free and will do their best to deny that unsuitable product was made. In two years, when I will be eligible for insurance coverage again, I'll order in a different place.

Nothing I can do about it, other that repeat the procedure with different people. Costs a lot, though. Some people may try and insist on making usable eyeglasses, good luck to them too!
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new glasses
New glasses
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