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What is Google Caffeine, a new search infrastructure?

What is "Google Caffeine"? A new search infrastructure that is thought to eventually replace the current Google search infrastructure. To read it directly from Google just check out their post at:
(Help test some next-generation infrastructure.)

Recently, Google invites the world to check out the preview and play around with it, to play in a mysterious sandbox it likes to call 'Caffeine,' Google is testing more than just a 'next-generation' search infrastructure...

They invite you to visit the web developer preview of Google's new infrastructure at

and try searches there. (They've mentioned that some parts of the system aren't completely finished yet.)

Caffeine appears to be faster than the current Google engine however it doesn’t look any different to me, won't notice a difference in search results (this is just only my own opinion, may be I'm wrong or miss in some point).

Also, something I just wonder, is this "Caffeine" Update because of Yahoo and Bing (Microsoft) Deal?

Rolling Eyes

I think we, end users wont notice much difference from "old" google search engine. All detail are probably hidden in search code, google bot etc.

Lets only hope SEO possibilities will still be the same as now! We dont want to get to 10th page in google search from 1st place, do we?
its definitely possible that "Caffeine" is something new that they came up with to show that they have soemthing new like Microsoft and yahoo did. the thing is that they have most of the search engine market share so why bother with so much marketing?

there must be more money behind this than marketing, it must be a combo of new search engine enhancements that keep them at least at par with the features that Microsoft and yahoo have as well as reduce their cost to return a search result all while improving their ad system that brings in the money. must be something more along those lines not big improvements but many small ones that they can put together and then call it a new system/name to add some marketing value.
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