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tv ads

will you often come across some ads in the tv programme? will you feel bored then?what do you think this situation?
i think ads in a tv program are always distracting, suddenly a window opens on tv outof nowhere, it certainly lessens the joy of watcing tv programs especially if you are watching something that you have waited for a time like tv series or a football match.
I like commercials. especially the funny ones. I only hate them when they are too long.
I love TV and ads are just part of the deal. I like crisp concise to-the-point ads. I like humorous ads. I dislike ads that yell at me, I dislike ads that aren't creative, I dislike ads that try to use the music I grew up on to get my attention, and most of all I dislike any ad that says "But wait! There's more!".

- TVme
I MAKE TV ads as part of my business. You do realize that is how come you are able to get all
these TV programs and movies for FREE right? That's why on pay per view channels, there are no
ads. The companies that pay to have ads, are the ones making it possible for the TV stations
to continue to give you free content.....cause if there are no ads, the money will have to come
from somewhere....YOU!!!
I stopped watching ads some years ago. I would deliberately leave and do something else during ad breaks.

Now I just find that I don't watch enough tv to see any ads. And the few shows I watch are on channels without ads (I could just say ABC, but that probably wouldn't mean much to people from outside of Australia). Just really don't see them anymore.

Much as taxes are the price we pay for a civilised society, ads are the price we pay for commercial television.
I think that advertisments should be cut down to one or two in tv programmes, Espically movies. Like when you are watching a thrilling movie and it gets to the good part BAM theres an ad break. When it gets to the good part in a tv show WOW theres an ad break. I suggest that the ads get cut down to 1 or 2 because it will still give viewers a chance to go to the bathroom or something.
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